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Subtle Subtitle Downloader

This article is about the Subtle Subtitle Downloader. It is a very simple Windows application for downloading the subtitles for your favourite movies.

Atlas Subtitler - Browse for Video File

Atlas Subtitler for Downloading Subtitles

Altas Subtitler helps you download the subtitles for all your favourite movies, TV series, etc. It uses a highly sophisticated algorithm for extracting the video title, season, episode and year from a file.

OSDownloader - Choosing the file - Subtitle Downloader

Subtitle Downloader – OSDownloader

It’s time to introduce our very own Subtitle Downloader – The OSDownloader. You just have to spend two clicks and then you can enjoy movies with subtitles.

FileBot – TV Renamer

FileBot is a tool for renaming TV shows, movies, and music, as well as downloading the subtitles from for them. It matches the media files with online data from sources like TVRage/AniDB/TheTVDB or OpenSubtitles/IMDb/TheMovieDB.