Subtitles tools API

Subtitles tools API released for public

Open Subtitles API is set of subtitles tools – convert formats, change encoding, synchronise (time shift, change FPS), detect language, detect encoding and many more.

Subtitles list

Subtitles Finder App for Windows

It’s about the Subtitles Finder app for the Windows users. It helps you to manage and download the subtitles for your movies and TV series, easily.

Opensubtitles Uploader

OpenSubtitles Uploader

Here is a specially tailored application for uploading videos and subtitles to the Opensubtitles page from your opensubtitles account – the Opensubtitles Uploader.

Open Subtitles FlixTools - Download Subtitles

Open Subtitles FlixTools

Okay, this time it’s about our own software for Mac OS X – the Open Subtitles FlixTools. FlixTools provides an easy way to download the subtitles for the movies that you want to watch, in just few seconds.