Xtreamer’s Wonder Pro – how to setup KODI subtitles

Today a video player with full subtitle support is not a novelty and we no longer need to watch our movies on a tablet or a computer screen. We are entering a new world – a world of Android entertainment boxes.

An Android box is basically a mini-TV running Android operating system which you can connect to your TV and use the same apps designed for phones and tablets but on a big screen.

One of companies which recently moved into this new market is Xtreamer – better known for their digital media player line.

They have just released a new such Android box – Xtreamer Wonder Pro  The device is designed as an all-in-all entertainment system capable of playing local media files in 4K ultra HD resolution, supporting Xtreamer subtitles/ Kodi subtitles, streaming online content as well as running communication apps, serving as a getaway to social media, game console, and so on.


The device comes with a couple of video player applications pre-installed including KODI, which, as you know, is widely popular for its many features including the Kodi subtitles and a variety of add-ons including incidentally Opensubtitles.Org. The company promises to update the pre-installed custom version as the new KODI releases become available but the beauty of Android is that it allows you to easily customize the system to suit your particular needs.


And if you do not like KODI there are other video player applications available on Google Play Store many of which use OpenSubtitles API.

Check out the product page if you are interested – http://www.xtreamer.net/Wonder/

Here are some screenshots showing usage of OpenSubtitles.org in KODI installed on Xtreamer Wonder Pro:





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