Manage TV shows with Novaroma

Novaroma is a free open source software to download and manage TV shows, movies, and its subtitles. You can search for TV shows and movies, view their information such as the Poster, Imdb Rating, Votes, Description etc., and download them along with their subtitles. You can use Novaroma with dlna media servers (XMBC, Kodi, Plex, Serviio, PS3 etc.)

Novaroma also provides facilities to manually download the videos and subtitles. It uses uTorrent/BitTorrent or Transmission for downloading. If this is not available in your system, it automatically runs a portable version of uTorrent. You can backup these files to your local folders or local google drive, onedrive, dropbox etc. You can manage TV shows and movies, track them, mark them as watched, and play the unwatched items later.

You can add your own TV shows and movies to Novaroma. If you are not sure what to watch, you can discover new shows by searching with titles, rating, votes, genres, etc.

Novaroma download, installation and usage:

1. Go to and download Novaroma.

2. Unzip, follow the on-screen instructions and install the software.

3. Open Novaroma and choose the TV show and movie directories. Select the subtitles language also.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 18.38.46

Please note the uTorrent/BitTorrent Web UI user name and password. This should be entered in your torrent client’s preferences -> Advanced -> Web UI. Check “Enable Web UI” and give the noted username and password. Click “Apply” and then “OK”.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 22.08.12

4. Add new TV shows/Movies by searching their names.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 18.41.12

All the available TV shows/movies will be displayed. You can click the drop down button and choose your show.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 18.43.30

Click the Next button and choose what you need. You can choose just one season of the TV show and download the videos as well as the subtitles.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 18.45.45

Finally, save the TV show/movie in the directory. And this will now be displayed in the main window.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.01.33

5. Click the TV show/Movie and the details will be displayed.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.01.55

You can also manually download the videos yourself. Click the show and choose the particular episode, it will give you the option to download it manually. You can also download it manually from the top right menu of the main window.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.02.16

6. You can add your own TV show/movie directories to Novaroma by giving the path, and selecting the folders that you need.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.22.35

The details will be automatically detected. You can also edit these details.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.31.31

Finally, click save.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.32.26

7. The Activities tab lets you view all the activities done.

Go ahead, install this software, and manage TV shows and movies efficiently. If you want to write new services for Novaroma, you can do so, and then add to plugin folder.

Novaroma is one of the many programs which are using OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy this free subtitles service and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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