Calling developers for a summer of creating subtitles tools

CCExtractor, the most used open source tool for subtitle extraction, has been invited by Google to participate in Google Summer of Code 2017 (GSoc). Opensubtitles and CCExtractor want to cooperate this summer to improve the open source ecosystem for subtitles.

If you are currently enrolled in an university (any country), love programming, love subtitles, and would like to spend your summer working in a well paid job, take a look at Summer and Code and CCExtractor in particular.

You can read all about Summer of Code here:
And specifically about CCExtractor here:

We encourage you to bring your own ideas. What could you code in 12 months that would blow everyone’s minds away? What program have you been itching to write for a long time but never got to it? Well, this is your chance.

Remember: It’s Open Source. It’s sponsored by Google (Google pays you directly). It’s subtitles. It’s fun. It’s a chance to work with alike minds that share your passion.
OpenSubtitles and CCExtractor

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  1. i like to donate 15 € to become a vip member bet after login by paypal the price is 35 € ???
    how can i be a vip member?
    fr gr Bill

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