OS exclusive: Get Scrubbu for free!

Recently we promoted Scrubbu on OpenSubtitles.org. This is because Scrubbu is a good way to find and download lots of stuff. Now, Scrubbu has made an exclusive offer to let OpenSubtitles.org users try it for free, no credit card is necessary, I think it is a good deal.

Maybe someone still don’t know what is Scrubbu:

Scrubbu is the easy way to search for downloads on the internet. Instead of searching webpages one by one, Scrubbu automatically scans the internet for downloads you want, and reports back with a list of one-click downloads. It’s like having a personal assistant do all the research and come back to you with a report and recommendations. Scrubbu works under Windows and Mac OSX, it is malware free.

Exclusive promotion with OpenSubtitles.org – just follow these steps:

1. Click this link to go to special page.
2. Sign up with your mail and install Scrubbu.
3. Try downloading some stuff.
4. Write some good things about Scrubbu.
5. Go back to special page and input URL where you wrote about Scrubbu.
6. Get an extended license.

Pretty easy and simple way to get free downloading I think.

Demo video:


Some screenshots:

Scrubbu screenshot 1
Scrubbu screenshot 2
Scrubbu screenshot 3

You can have Scrubbu for free if you go to this special link and follow the instructions.

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  1. GREAT!
    i’m looking for such a thing!

    i find files that i never thought i would find them!

    Great job scrubbu!

    #1 : scrubbu.com

    and thanks opensubtitle!

  2. GREAT!
    i’m looking for such a thing!
    i find files that i never thought i would find them!
    Great job scrubbu!

  3. wow..this is gr8 site..i never thought of it..it simply fails google…i hd dwnloaded nw many thngs and what is the gr8 feature is tht it gvs you exact result what you are expecting..thnks .. 🙂

  4. Awesome experience! Scrubbu is great, I mean its so much accurate and user friendly, damn good time saver, with precise results..I am amazed. Thanks alot!

  5. Maravilhosa oportunidade de usar este recurso indispensável para tornar nossa vida mais fácil.
    Amo vcs

  6. Congratulations!!!! Superb!!! Its a wonderful program,i find files that i never thought i would find them!.I am amazed.
    Thanks for everything!!!

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