Subtitles tools API released for public

The OpenSubtitles team is proud to present to all developers our Subtitles tools API. In short, you can manipulate subtitles using this API (Application program interface (API), a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact and APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.

In short, the OpenSubtitles tools API is a set of subtitles tools – convert formats, change encoding, synchronise (time shift, change FPS), detect language, detect encoding and much more.

OpenSubtitles tools API

With our OpenSubtitles tools API, you will be able to obtain basic information about subtitles, convert them to other formats, change frame-rates or shift the time.

Supported API functions:

  • convert subtitles format
  • convert subtitles encoding
  • change subtitles FPS
  • shift subtitles (positive or negative sync)
  • subtitle format detection
  • subtitle language detection
  • count words
  • count characters
  • get first and last timestamp
  • remove markup language
  • text extraction from subtitles

Supported subtitles formats:

  • “srt” (SubRip text file format)
  • “sub” (MicroDVD subtitle file format)
  • “xml”, (TTML, Timed Text Markup Language)
  • “yml”, (Ruby internal SubtitleIt YAML)
  • “rsb”, (Ruby Subtitle Format)
  • “mpl”, (Mplayer2 Subtitle format)
  • “webvtt”, (The Web Video Text Tracks Format)
  • “dfxp”, (Distribution Format Exchange Profile)
  • “txt”, (Extracted text from subtitles)

Virtually all encodings are supported.

This API will be implemented in the future on our website, this will allow users to download their preferred subtitles format and subtitles encoding (UTF8). In real time it allows time shift to adjust subtitles. Subtitles tools API also could be used for detecting the language and encoding of input subtitles. It is one more small micro service, which will make the new site even better!

Developers, what are you waiting for ? Fire up your text editor, use Subtitles tools API and code something awesome or implement it to your subtitles site!



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