Artificial Intelligence Subtitles Feature: Is It Really Effective?

Discover more about the Artificial Intelligence subtitles feature. Is it worth trying? How much does it help? We’ve put together a useful guide that will help you understand how much demand is for subtitling, and much more.

AI Transcribed videos with subtitled words may seem like a new concept; however, the idea originated in the Silent Film era. During this time, audio technology was under development. Subtitles were added to capture the attention of the audience. The goal of subtitles is to provide understandable communication. This was a new way in which viewers can relate to what is shown on the screen. In today’s world, if you have ever viewed a movie and found the audio quality to be less-than-perfect, then you understand the importance of having a transcribed video with subtitles. This is where AI subtitles are in the highest demand.

There are two types of Artificial Intelligence subtitles – those that are prerecorded mostly accurate and synchronized with speech. Some are live and mainly use a technique called re-speaking and can often be delayed and prone to spelling mistakes. Why do errors continue to occur in this day? In this new age of artificial intelligence technology, surely a better service could be devised – especially when much of the content is a recording.

Subtitling content has become increasingly popular. Whether they are used on broadcasts or digitally with the use of artificial intelligence caption generators. Since 2001, re-speaking has become a normal way to subtitle television broadcasts. In the future, we would constantly be striving to strengthen news subtitles for viewers. This will be accomplished through improvements in technology and techniques.

AI is currently used in more and more industries, from marketing to search engines to casino games and cars.

Why Should We Use AI Transcribed Subtitles?

Here are some ideas that might help you understand the topic better.

1. AI Subtitles Help Viewers Connect With Your Content 

So back to our recent example of watching a movie with bad audio quality. Whether you have recently experienced this or not, the same feeling of frustration remains. You want to connect with the action behind the screen, but the audio causes a significant disconnect with the image. Another example is online streaming. Did you know that approximately all Facebook users watch videos without the sound? This could be for several reasons (viewer may be in an environment that is not conducive to viewing, inability to clearly articulate the audio, etc.) however in all cases (including individuals with hearing loss), subtitles are essential. They bridge the gap between content and audience viewer. 

2. AI Subtitling Creates Anticipation.

Did you know that the average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds in 2020? More than any other time before, our capacity to keep interest is concerning. Subtitling helps keep the average viewer involved without losing interest. Studies have shown that they actually improve memory and focus, leading to increased engagement. AI-generated subtitles increase interest, making viewers feel more comfortable to leave feedback and interact with your content. This engagement also improves SEO and tells Google that your content is of importance to others. Videos with high engagement rates often rank higher on search results and get more clicks.

AI-generated subtitles
AI-generated subtitles

3. AI Subtitles Boost Online Content Ranking

AI-generated subtitles help the internet understand the content of the video created. In essence, it communicates with the use of metadata and keywords. When captions are included on a video, you could expect for more viewers to engage with the topic actively. The way this happens is that Google locates the video content that is experiencing high engagement. The video is highlighted (on the back end of the internet) as a resource people enjoy. The results are higher ranking on search engines and more click-through rates for your website and video content. For video creators that are looking for ways to grow online, adding subtitles to the content gives the boost you need.

4. AI Subtitles Share Your Message With The Masses

If you are a content creator, you will find that transcribing your videos helps to reach millions of more people than you ever had. The fact of the matter is, there are only a fraction of internet users who speak English. Many speak other languages and are looking for ways to improve their English-speaking skills. There is also the hearing-impaired audience that often goes unnoticed when it comes to online video content. Others will benefit well from translations in your AI captions that help them understand the content.

5. Ai Subtitles Add Value To Your Pockets

Subtitling your videos with AI-generated captions connects your content with the worldwide web. With the use of metadata and keywords, adding AI transcribed words to your content, boost your SEO (which is a great thing). Not only will you experience increased traffic, but you will also enjoy more revenue opportunities. A study shows that putting subtitles on your content boosts your revenue to nearly 20%.


How To Get Involved With Subtitling In 2020 

Here are a few simple tips to get you started. If you are sick of wrong subtitles, create them!

Develop Your Skills

Being a transcriber does require many different skill sets that you need to be aware of before starting. First, you should find the right software to begin learning. This is a skill that does not require a degree or any formal education. One way to become a budding Subtitler is by using the GoSub. Tv website. This is an excellent subtitling training academy for developing more as a newbie. Users have found that after only weeks, they are 100% ready to take on subtitling jobs or simply subtitle for their own content with the help of a subtitling trainer.

Search The Web 

It certainly is not difficult to find jobs to subtitle content. In the age of social media, everyone knows the value of video. If you look online, you will find thousands of individuals and businesses who may be utterly oblivious to the fact that they need a transcription. Without such a service, they are missing out on many opportunities to make connections with people from all over the world. Also, the worldwide web is a great place to find job listings for a Subtitler.

Search For Transcription Jobs

There are plenty of opportunities to subtitle with local subtitling companies. A few helpful resources are Media Lingo and Ericsson. Both are businesses that often hire for subtitling jobs. Search on LinkedIn and Both websites allow you to position yourself as the professional that you are. There are thousands of people browsing the internet to fill the role of subtitler in their company. It is of importance to maintain an updated resume on both websites. Locate subtitle companies and submit your resume and cover statement. Consider freelancing as a subtitle professional. Create a website that showcases your strengths as a new subtitler and even features some of your past work experiences with transcribing.

Be An Online Freelancer

If you are a subtitling graduate, consider joining a freelance website of the like. Such platforms have employers who are searching for a person just like you to complete different subtitle tasks. There are many video content creators, writers and even corporate offices require a professional with the skillset you have acquired to undertake their work. These websites match job seekers and agencies with the help of a few questions based on your preferences. The search functionality contains expertise in connecting jobs with the skillset and qualities identified. You will even find that becoming an online freelancer enables you to choose your pay. Based on the job you are seeking, your level of skills and experience, many jobs are searching on these websites for what you have to offer.


At this point, you should be bursting with excitement at the many benefits of subtitling your content with AI captions. It is a relatively new concept that does result in a few mistakes, and there is a demand for subtitling services. If you would like to become a subtitler, it certainly is not difficult to start today. You can become a single subtitler and more than double your income, as AI is a technology that can speed up your process significantly. 

What do you think of AI subtitles? Let us know in the comments!

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