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Recently I get into mailbox mail, where was written something like “Let users try our client, and then they will decide if we provide quality service”, so I thought it should be fair to let you know. Mail was from UseNeXT – the company which we are promoting on They give you for free program, where you can download a LOT of stuff 🙂

So if you want downloading some stuff and you want give a try, follow these simple steps:

1. Download UseNeXT client

2. Install it

3. Start it, input your email address (no spam), receive code and use it 🙂

I think it can not be more simple than this.

Program is localized into several languages as: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Netherlands, Romanian, Portuguese and Turkish. Client provides full access to binary groups in Usenet.

You can try it for free for full 14 days or when you download more than 1GB. After that you will decide if you like this program and you can register it from 8 EUR.

You are welcome to give a feedback what do you think about this program.

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  1. UseNext is just a fucking rip-off.
    And should by ashamed by using such a misleading heading.
    It’s NOT free (as in beer and neither in freedom).

    Stay away from this bullshit

  2. fansubber: I read that article carefully. There are more services like this, and maybe somebody just want to point users to another one. Also I dont see anything bad on that, because he receive money back, so I don’t understand what is wrong with that at all. I like to read some feedback from UseNEXT real customer.

  3. I will never pay for any program. Emule is free, kazaa was free, dc++ is free, Utorrent is free and so on. Why should I pay for UseNext? There’s no point. I want free stuff. Internet is a public place in which everybody can share files at no cost at all.

  4. Me parece estúpida la persona que pague un solo centavo a UseNext o cualquier otro sitio similar por bajar películas que encuentra gratis en un millón de Torrent Sites y que bajan a la misma o mayor velocidad que ellos.

  5. Jorge: Realmente piensas que alguien te hará caso hablando en un idioma diferente al del blog o de la entrada?

    Igualmente, crees que alguien te tomará en serio si empiezas insultando? Tanto a quien escribe la entrada como a los que puedan estar interesados? Si acaso insultando de entrada te aseguras que no se te haga caso (eso a quien pueda leer lo que escribes, en un idioma que no es el del sitio).

    Finalmente, existen más sitios en el mundo que tu país. Sitios donde el acceso a P2P está bloqueado o limitado o controlado. Estos sitios necesitan sistemas alternativos.

    Usar UseNeXT es igual de sinsentido para mí que usar cualquier servicio de descarga directa de pago (lo de la velocidad no es un argumento en la entrada, así que tampoco es relevante y no tienes por qué mencionarlo) y sin embargo mucha gente paga rapidshare por bajarse cosas por descarga directa.

    Así pues, más tolerancia y educación. Que pareces un enérgumeno de 11 años gritando solo porque puede hacerlo anónimamente.

  6. By the way, I haven’t commented on this yet but UseNeXT is, indeed, a scam site.

    There’s no doubt about this. It’s not interpretable nor subjective. It’s the actual truth, and I know this firsthand from several friends (no, I wouldn’t be able to provide my own experience as I would never subscribe to something like this).

    I won’t complain about it being advertised here as the links clearly make it clear it’s to gain referral money from clicked links, but I would have to question the honesty of such a post.

    I’d be happier if we had pr0n banners, that give more money to the webmaster, than scam sites, which rely on naive users who don’t read their TOS fully and can’t tell when they’re entering a bad place.

  7. eduo: it is really scam ? I don’t think so. Where is problem exactly ? Of course, you must read TOS, if you are subscribing to some service, but if you cancel that service as is written it is for free. And also in this promotion they made, you can try their service really for free (I downloaded that software and download some movies, just for try, it was working fast).

  8. I’m sorry. I’m pretty unambiguous about these things.

    If a service of any sort relies on “small print” tactics to me it is, automatically, a scammy place. If it makes it very easy to subscribe and pay for things and makes it unclear how to get the free version, or if “free” implies giving credit card info, or if it lists a monthly rate but charges a full year upfront, or makes it difficult to unsubscribe, or is not easily contactable; if it shows *any* of these then, to me, it’s a scam.

    Of course you must read the TOS, but misdirection tactics exist to take advantage ot users that don’t reat the TOS. It’s like “Opt-In” vs. “Opt-Out”, in essence. “Opt-in” is honest and straightforward, “Opt-Out” is scammy.

    I’m sorry, I have no patience for these things. The world is a bad enough place without these behaviours. Call me an idealist, but unread licenses, small print and unclear TOS are no excuse nor will they ever be (even if they give an excuse and sometimes makes something that should be illegal not so).

  9. edua, I complete understand this. But if they are giving FREE version, that means, you click on download link and you can use it for FREE for one month and limit 1gb or something (giving no information, just mail address I think), I think it is good deal to really try that service.

    Other point is, if it is really hard to unsubscribe, I never reach this point 🙂

  10. We don’t have to agree on this 🙂

    I don’t trust them. I have found only questionable behaviour and to me that’s warning enough. Even if I didn’t know people that fell for it I still wouldn’t trust them.

  11. I think it is the user’s responsibility to read all of the fine print/TOS. Just about everything that you sign up for has this and if someone is not smart enough to read the fine print and therefore they get charged, it is their fault, not the company’s fault and that is not a scam. A scam is when you do not get something that a company has claimed you will get. By the way, I’m interested to know if there are any others out there like me who loves to watch TV episodes and especially movies online (I know there are), and if so, what have been your experiences/best and worst sites? Personally, I have been paying for and using Graboid for over a year now and if I had any complaints, they would be very minimal. The picture quality is excellent, as well as the download/streaming time. The database doesn’t have every movie I’ve ever searched for, but it is pretty full of alot of things. You also get a free trial on this, without having to give your credit card information, and if you like it, you can pay for it and keep it as I have, or you can just quit using it after your trial expires. I’ve checked out alot of other free sites, but I have yet to find any site that downloads as fast as Graboid does and has the picture quality that they have; but as I stated before, it is not free after you trial period. Has anyone tried Graboid and if so, do you have any comments? Anybody find any other sites comparable to Graboid in speed of downloads and quality of video? I appreciate any feedback on this topic. Thanks and have a great day!

  12. hi all its not and never as been free so this thing usenext is probly somethink 2 be well avoided and im fed up of being diverted there following links that say its free and show it under a different name

  13. I feel all the movie download sites for free are just fake.Try avoiding all these.The NAKED TRUTH IS THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST DOING AFFILIATE MARKETING TO EARN VALUABLE POINTS TO REEDEM MONEY….NOTHING ELSE.Its absolutely cheating and cheap beagery at the best……..

  14. of course we have some part of commission, thats how things works. If I got enough money to pay server stuff and also some more, I dont have to advertise these data providers. But if they got free vserion, and you read TOS carefully, you dont have to pay really nothing.

  15. Thanks prince. Love the input on this. I’m currently working on a guide that details how to use “usenext” and such combined with some great .nzb sites that have ALL the best movies and such.

    I’d be willing to give the guide for you to post in your blog for free for your viewers if you get in contact with me!

    Keep up the good work!


  16. Hi there,

    I have tried to find New Moon download link. Can you please give me if you have.


  17. Soy incapaz de recordar cuando la ?ltima vez que apareci? en una p?gina web. principalmente la gente no reconoce lo que estaban hablando. su sitio web tiene la gente m?s versado sobre este tema durante bastante tiempo. Qu? tienen los diferentes foros o blogs puedo publicar en?

  18. En general no voy a publicar en los blogs, sin embargo me gustar?a mencionar que este mensaje realmente me oblig? a tratar de que eso! muy buen puesto, usted debe producir un manuscrito sobre el tema.

  19. this one was the site i was waiting for so great….
    this should be listed in the 1st page of google search….
    it was ver very helpful
    thnx alot….!!!

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  21. if you have to use that program search from torrent you might find that kind of program what works whitout payment. i tried it once and i found program what worked about a 3 years ago. but still uTorrent rulez! i havent used emule or other download programs for years.
    only if i havent found some really hard to find old file then i have downloaded them directly from internet web bages or using emule.
    there you find all kind of stuff what you cant find with uTorrent…
    and ofc emule (free) no payments.

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