Hide your personal activity in torrents

There is no secret many of users are downloading movies and other stuff using more and more popular P2P technology – torrent. There is one small problem with torrents – some anti-piracy organizations can track IP address of party, and make some problems… Today we will show, how to hide IP address and download anonymously using TorrentPrivacy.com.

TorrentPrivacy.com – that’s the home page of the service, they make nice video tutorial, how to communication is done. They offer modified pre-configured uTorrent client, which uses SSH protocol with 128 bit encryption, so nobody can see what are you really downloading, and also helps against P2P traffic shaping. All P2P communication is done with TorrentPrivacy servers located in Europe, USA and Canada, your IP is completely hidden, so you are safe while downloading torrents.

They also configured web-proxy, so you can visit more than 300 torrent sites anonymously.

It is not free service – which basically cannot be free, but we thing prices are fair – for 100 Mbit/s and no bandwidth capping. Prices:

  • 3 months of service 24,95 USD
  • 6 months of service 44,95 USD
  • 12 months of service 79,95 USD

TorrentPrivacy offers 2 payment systems for all types of subscriptions at the moment. They are CommerceGate billing (it allows to pay using the credit card) and PayPal.

We confirm that TorrentPrivacy.com is real service which helps torrent users get private while downloading through Bittorrent. We tested Torrentprivacy’s software solution and found it stable, user friendly and virus free.

We believe that in the age when all of us are being pushed for using Bittorrent TorrentPrivacy is the right thing in the right time. If you wish to hide your personal activity while downloading through Bittorrent, then TorrenPrivacy.com is what you need for sure!

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  1. Privacy is only needed in countries where privacy doesn’t exist de-facto.

    If you live in a country where no legal action is taken against P2P sharers this product is, obviously, needless.

    If you’re paranoid it’s one way to cover your tracks. If you’re legally protected then it’s not necessary.

    Also, don’t forget you’re basically paying someone for knowing every file you download or share and not tell anyone.

  2. what a joke… seriously, it’s just a group of people who want fast money… illegally, and is counting on some naive other people who think their programm willl prevent them from beeing pisted by the police.

    What a joke…

    Seriously, their just gonna sell you the utorrent you download for free, or something with an ip hide you can get also for free from all over the net, and then tadaaaa 100$ for them.

    The chance of beeing arrested while downloading are very slim, that’s why everyone is downloading from torrents…

  3. Well, in France, and soon all over european community, if the lobbies have their way, laws are being passed that makes it lawful for _private_ agencies to request and track IPs from ISPs.

    The planned law says that youl’ll be warned twice, and at strike three, your Internet connection can be cut altogether for _at least_ one year. No trial, no arrest, no recourse. Just no internet, at all for the duration.

    France is only the launch platform for this in Europe, and the lobbies are pushing hard in Brussels to have similar laws voted all over EU. As we speak, the law not even passed yet, the infrastructures for harvesting IPs are already in place, the rent on the headquarters of the future “HADOPI” (that’s the acronym for it)) authority, already paid.

    So, more sooner than later, Torrents users, in France, then in European countries, are going to need some way to encrypt their traffic and disguise their IPs.

    Still, I find it disturbing, that some would try and thrive on this kind of service, when there are perfectly legit and most of all _free_ solutions, TOR, to name one, that don’t even require that you be much tech savvy to install, and, as P2P itself, are based on the cooperation of the users using it and, for one thing were your traffic is not bound to one giant server somewhere that you need to trust, but is distributed through anonymous nodes composed of other users around the world.

    So, while I can see the lure, nope, won’t use that, even though it might be faster than a distributed solution, because it just seems wrong :

    P2P, at least imho, is based on sharing. People giving away that they have, investing time in making good quality rips, be they music, movies, subtitles, you name it, other people keeping the files alive, sometimes for months, in order for someone to get it if they want it. And while I don’t mind people making a buck through ads on sites (though I find it annoying, I can understand the necessity), building a service in order to profit from the community just does not seem right.

    I’m not condemning them, some might find it useful, even necessary. Just saying that other solutions exists, based on the same principles that built the P2P, and I’d rather use those.

  4. lol, what a waste. Paying to hide your ip while pirating, this is nothing but thrash-add.

    “It is not free service – which basically cannot be free, but we thing prices are fair – for 100 Mbit/s and no bandwidth capping.”
    Basically cannot be free!? It is several other programs that does the same, for free. For example: http://www.torproject.org

    If you are a pirate, please be aware of that you can download programs like this (ip-hiding and not free) from P2P, such as torrents and Limewire.

  5. Proxy’s may be free but to use SSH tunneling, a more secure way, will cost something. A VPN with encryption is available for little $$ like $10.00 for 3 months. Do NOT use TOR for torrent download the massive use of bandwidth is opposed by the TOR users.

  6. listen my friends dont be so paranoid, if dirty old men are getting away with downloading child porn then we’ll be fine ;]

  7. Be a Leecher at 0.1% upload speed until 100% download completed than remove the torrent. Enjoy your file and forget the seeders and MPAA. You have the control its in your hands . I dont want to pay or share!

  8. Not a terrible web site at all. I found this after doing some searches on Google and it’s helped me to understand things a little bit better – thanks.

  9. HAMACHI. this use to be a free service, and it worked A1, easy to use, recommended by steve gibson (grc.com/security now) this is an excellent site for wav files of security issues/basic stuff you mite try a look @

  10. PEERBLOCK limits your peers (duh) and not all the baddies. Got my first letter for DL a simpsons episode while running peerblock. Must have been a neighbour so I changed my Wireless passwords (hehe) VPN seems to be the go.

  11. TorrentPrivacy is expensive, and prices are coming way down in this industry. We offer a free torrent downloading service at torrentsafe.com. We are interested in advertising, or partnerships. If anyone has any advertising opportunities for us, please contact us.

  12. If I had the money to pay, then Why The F*ck would I PIRATE!!!
    I could pay that money to buy movies legit then. I pirate because I can’t afford to pay US$ 25 per month and what not.
    Stupid asses!

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