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Have you heard of the “World’s Largest Trivia Contest”? Yes, this article is intended to help the people who are actually preparing themselves for contesting in the Trivia contest by providing them means to access some sample Movie Trivia Questions.

Movie Trivia Questions at World’s Largest Trivia Contest

The “World’s Largest Trivia Contest” is held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 90FM, the student radio station at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, will ask eight questions per hour, for 54 hours at a stretch.

Visit their official website here and learn about it.

To know more about the contest, you can watch Triviatown which is a documentary on the contest by going to here. This movie shows a lot of Trivia teams and how well they play in the contest.

Okay. So, if you are getting yourself prepared to participate in this contest, you need to go through a lot of sample Movie Trivia Questions to get used to the contest. And this is the main aim of this article.

The Trivia people own a Facebook page Trivia (World’s Largest Trivia Contest), where they post one question every day which is similar to the original questions on the contest. You can visit the Facebook page daily and attempt to answer the questions they ask, in order to prepare for the contest.

Also, there is another website who helps the people preparing for this contest. is the website and you can visit regularly to try a lot of questions and answers.

And now, how can the opensubtitles team help you people with this contest? Simple. We provide you the subtitles, of course! You can make use of our subtitles which will help you learn everything in detail.

Go ahead, try it, and all the best! Not located in Stevens Point? Not a problem, just register on 90fmtrivia to see online stream and play contest remotely.

Opensubtitles is used by many people for getting subtitles for watching movies without any difficulty. Enjoy the free subtitles service of opensubtitles and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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