Unblock US streaming sites for free using Keenow Free Smart DNS Suite

Keenow.com unblocks Netflix US (+tonnes of other US sites) from anywhere in the world

Keenow Free Smart DNS is an easy to use geo-unblocking solution ready for everyone who wants to make easy and effective use of US-based streaming sites. Forget what you know about VPN Client – this product is free and a lot faster!

Too many behind-the-scenes business decisions mean that certain countries have limited access (or even no access at all!) to content from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. With the help of Keenow Free Smart DNS, though, these problems are left in the past. Now you can easily access brilliant streaming videos in full US style from Fox, ABC, CNN, National Geographic, Comedy Central, AMC and more (Full list is here: https://www.keenow.com/supported/)

Netflix unblocking was last checked and tested on the 11th of May, 2016
Netflix unblocking was last checked and tested on the 11th of May, 2016

Keenow Free Smart DNS changes your device’s DNS settings and automatically diverts only the necessary web traffic through US proxy servers, which essentially gives you full US access to streaming sites from wherever you are in the world. Whilst many of you are still using VPN clients, Keenow Free Smart DNS makes it a lot easier and faster to unblock websites as it reduces the amount of data needed to pass through proxy servers.

All that has to be done here, then, for Windows users is to download the Keenow Free Smart DNS Suite from https://www.keenow.com – The suite also includes Keen Runner Media, which gives you streaming results as you search the web making it easier to get the best offers and the finest quality of selections, without any regional problems.

Alternatively, those who don’t run Windows can install the MediaTab.TV extension for Google Chrome, which essentially replaces the stock New Tab and Search features of Google Chrome. Now you can get access to streaming links and other helpful region-free options with just few clicks from your Chrome New Tab. You will just need to follow the instructions provided to help you get on your way to set up the DNS settings on your device (the Windows suite has it covered automatically).

Now you can enjoy a hassle-free streaming service which is going to make your life so much easier!


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