ALLCoverFlow ™ – Your 3D Menu

ALLCoverFlow ™ – This is the new feature in ALLPlayer. It allows you to create 3D menu from any video and then display it on any television receiver in full screen mode.

This feature is working with the video editor – ALLContainer ™, which allows  automatically create chapters with screenshots or individual files on your hard disk. It let also getting subtitles in any language, album covers and the description of the movie.

Thanks to  OSD, ALLCoverFlow ™ display shows video clips on your TV. Simply press on the remote key  to select AVI MENU in  OSD and start  the 3D menu.

Guide – How to enable ALLCoverFlow ™

Step 1: Fire up the movie (ALLPlayer adds the cover and description).


Step 2: Pick the left side of the screen using the mouse cursor or a universal remote control – AVI MENU


Step 3: You will find the 3D menu (Cover Flow)

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