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We are often in need of a best Android media player, and that too an Android player with subtitles support. Our search ends here – the MX Player for Android. MX Player is one among the best Android movie players.

MX Player supports a range of subtitle formats including .ssa, .ass, .srt, .sub, .vtt, etc. The new HW+ decoder helps us to apply hardware acceleration to videos. Zoom in and out can be easily performed using pinch. Kids Lock allows your children to watch videos without making problematic calls or opening other apps.

MX Player download, installation, and usage:

1. Go to from your Android device, and download the app.

2. Install the application in your device.

3. Now, you can play videos. You can choose the way in which the videos have to be played.


4. For downloading subtitles, go to Subtitle -> Get subtitles online -> Search.




Now, you can click OK, and search for subtitles. The MX Android media player searches for subtitles on, and shows you the list of available subtitles. You can select the subtitles file that is suitable for you, and download them.



That’s it! Subtitles will be displayed in your video.


5. You can change the display settings according to your wish.


6. Moving to Tools -> Settings, lets you change the list, player, decoder, audio, subtitle, and general settings.


There are various other facilities also. You can even set a Sleep timer, upload, or rate subtitles using this Android movie player. Go ahead and explore the other features!

MX Player is one of the many programs which are using OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy this free subtitles service and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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  1. Do not show any result for me 🙁 when i search even in manual mode dont find nothing. (looking for spanish subs)

  2. My mx player worked perfectly fine until recently when I try to download subtitles, it says “Error communicating with . Please try again later”. If anybody knows how to fix this, help. TIA.

  3. my problem same with adib. can’t connect to opensubtitles. org. please tell me how to fix it

  4. Why it shows I don’t have permission from to download subtitle?? How can I fix it??

  5. Had this app on my phone but had to delete it as i was facing lag issues when i played some high quality files in it. Haven’t had such problems with PlayerXtreme though. It plays all my videos without a hitch and supports all file formats.

  6. hi… earlier i was able to download the subtitles perfectly….but now i m facing the same problem the above guy is facing….. is there a problem in the site?

  7. When i click the online subtitle menu, the search button is inactive, so i cannot do anything (i tried to push the search afterall, but nothing happened)

  8. hi, describe the problem. Everything should work. Sometimes we have performance issues now, we are working on fix.

  9. Hey good day this player is one of best video player I know but now I have a problem when ever I try to download subtitles it wrote I am not permitted. And i uninstall and download new version but same problems

  10. whenever i try to use subtitle it asks me to login. i already logged into open subtitles but the subtitle shows half way then stops showing.

  11. Are there subtitles for welsh to english. Example yv show hinterland series

  12. I don’t know thy my mx player is not working again, have tried all I could do I was told I should provide the right information to log in, I opened another account still yet is not working, will be glad if you guys can help me out fed up

  13. I downloaded the subtitle but the movie am watching is different from what the subtitle is showing me

  14. I tried downloading subtitles of different movies many times but it keeps telling me there is an error communicating with open subtitles. I’m fed up what can I do about it please

  15. hi, if it sometimes work and sometimes not, that’s not so good and hard to fix. If it never works, then send to us your IP address (in email)

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