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Today I will write about free multimedia player: ALLPlayer (download) (wikipedia). Some time ago polish guys Andy and Arczi contacted me, and want implement to their AllPlayer. I take a look, and they implement search and upload very elegant. They had also some good ideas, for example automatic uploading of subtitles which I absolutely support – I have this idea at very beginning. After some tens of mails we came to conclusion it is time to write more about this great player, so more people can use it.

I copy text from ALLPlayer blog, where is explanation Why ALLPlayer?

We know that for non English speaking people, watching movies without subtitles is a pain. We took it very seriously and built the most advanced MediaPlayer that was in the process of creation and development for 15 years. All the needs of the users (2 mln unique users worldwide) sends us their queries for features that we build in. With our MediaPlayer you can discover special IQ TEXT technology that enables you to watch movies with even wrong written subtitles. If you have problems with codecs or your PC is weak to play Internet Content, the LiveUpdate service is at hand to clean, update and fix your playback problems. Years of experience let us create the best breed of codec packs available at one place.

ALLPlayer is great spreaded in Poland, but not so well known in other countries. Personally I still use Media Player Classic, but this is big competitor, because for its subtitle support 🙂 Some of features:

  • play all multimedia files likes: MKV, DivX, Xvid, Flash, QuickTime, DVD, MP3, FLAC…
  • subtitles to voice – you can hear subtitles
  • Live Update – for latest codecs
  • repair corrupted media files
  • OpenSubtitles support (download, upload, vote for subtitles,…)
  • take a snapshot of movie
  • various skins
  • IQ Text – better subtitles handling
  • ALLtoAVI – Convert mkv, mp4 or any format to avi
  • Better support for HD movies, Playlists, PrivateDRM and many more


1. Basic skin of ALLPLayer

2. Subtitle settings

3. Downloading subtitles

Download ALLPlayer and let us know, if you like it. I’d like to see this nice subtitles features in more multimedia players.

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  1. I like GOMPlayer, but ALLPlayer is better in case of handling subtitles. Can automatic show subs, upload, mux to DivX Container and uses IQ Text for automatic adjustment too long strings of subs. When you add voice reader for subs in case you want to play content for kids.. GOMPlayer is put aside.

  2. guys…what do u think about KMPlayer? i think this player real awesome. if capable please compare this player with allPlayer.

  3. Aljuazaa, yes, KMPlayer is also very nice, it has lot of options, but too pitty their subtitles online search doesn’t work by default, and also it doesn’t support opensubtitles hash searching. Good news is – they contacted me with cooperation around half year ago, so I am writing them mail, whats new in this issue.

  4. Just to update you guys, we got now our website in few more languages. We work hard to bring new version of the player with next enhancements for Opensubitles (easier download subs for High Def movies) and new display (ALLCoverFlow)

    stay tuned

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