Introducing another OSDb tool …

I’d like to introduce today a tool to help you in your daily struggle to
find the latest and best subtitles for your favorite movies/series as fast as possible.

Introduction of the OSDb standard was the first step, now it’s time for the tools that implement it.

This one is called OSCAR, built specifically for the Windows 32bit platforms (tested on WinXP).

In development for more than 6 months (on and off) this is the first public-wide release. There’s still work to do but the basic functionality (search/download/upload) is there along with some nifty features (IMDb support, filename templates, multi-language support) and more to come in the future.

I strongly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words so here are a few screenshots of OSCAR in action (click thumbnails to see screenshot in fullsize):

Download interface:
Download interface

Upload interface:
Upload interface

Download interface

And to complement this, here’s a list of the main features:

  • quick and accurate search/download of subtitle files for your movies
  • upload subtitles to help out others in need 😉
  • multi-language support (already translated to english/czech/slovak, more to come)
  • Windows Explorer integration
  • command-line parameters
  • proxy support (Basic authentication only for now, working on it, give it a try with your proxy, feedback welcome)
  • IMDb support
  • drag-n-drop support
  • and much more …

If you’re interested, download the latest version and check it out yourself.

There’s also a thread on the forum where you can follow the development progress, report bugs, post requests and check for new versions.

For more info you can also read the release notes, contains more information on OSDb, a quick-start guide, hints, to-do list, …



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  1. The searching and downloading functions are getting slower and slower with each new version. My internet speed is pretty fine but still I am searching some 5 minutes before I can see any subtitles. That’s pathetic, I guess.

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