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in this article I’d like to summarize all media players, which I can personally suggest for viewing videos and of course with support. Often I get questions about suggesting:

  • best media player or media center
  • best video player
  • video player with subtitles support

I will try to summarize all players I know with support, fresh complete list should be always located at our trac. So, let’s start with more and more popular media centers.

1. Boxee (Mac OS X, Apple TV, Linux, Windows)

This is my favorite, based on XBMC. Recently was released boxee for Windows for public (just register on main page and proceed to download section). I will not write about all features Boxee got, just go to article about boxee at wikipedia. support is of course there, still should be more improved though. Currently we are looking for Python coders, who can implement more features into Boxee, anyone?

2. XBMC (XBOX, Mac OS X, Apple TV, Linux, Windows)

I used and I am still using XBMC on my old XBOX. I just love it, currently there are 2 big problems – I like HD movies (XBOX doesn’t have enough CPU power) and there is no native OS support. support is done via plugin. Read more about XBMC at wikipedia.

3. Moovida (Windows, Linux)

formerly know as Elisa. Personally I don’t use Moovida (no Max OS X support for now). There is plugin – still in development – for OS, you can download it from here. We will try to be in official plugin list.

There are more good media centers, where should be OS support integrated, at least I will list these couple:

Let’s continue with media players. Today we can find on “market” a lot of really good ones, so we got a lot of choices:

1. Kantaris Media Player (Windows)

I wrote about this unique player in the last post. This player is more and more popular every day, it is based on VLC player, it got nice support and there is nice feedback under article 🙂

2. ALLPlayer (Windows)

ALLPlayer is Polish product, but it’s GUI and website is available in more languages. It supports automatic uploading of subtitles, which is really nice idea. It comes with many codecs, so there shouldn’t be a problem with playing any video.

3. Dziobas RAR player (Windows)

it is modified MPlayer, what is really nice it can play movies from RARs. It got really nice support for downloading subtitles. I think you should try this one.

4. BSPlayer (Windows)

this player should be quite popular. It can play almost everything, include youtube. There is online subtitles support (understand Give it a try.

5. Media Player Classic (Windows)

I wrote article about MPC some time ago. It is really old player, but still good one, you must have all codecs installed.

6. SMPlayer (Windows)

another nice player based on MPlayer, it is opensource, but it lacks of RAR support, but definitely worth of try.

There are more players with OS support, like BestPlayer (Windows, Polish), really nice thing is modified FFDShow with support, so it doesn’t matter which player you use. As we can see, there is no media player on Mac OS X with OS support, what is quite shame, I am not sure about Linux…

If you know of any other media centers or media players with OS support, just let us know. Also contact developers of your favourite player, OS support is for free, with almost no restrictions.Somebody might ask, why I am writing this – OS will lose website users and that means also some small revenue. This is right. But on other side, I develop OS exactly for this – to make available subtitles everywhere, without need to go to website. Of course, if we want use downloading subtitles using players or programs, those subtitles needs to be uploaded first!

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  1. Plex is eminently superior in MacOSX than XBMC (on which it’s based). The support for OS is the same as it is for other XBMC clones (which is to say, it’s a bare, half-assed support).

    Neither Boxee nor XBMC/Plex have a “true” implementation of OpenSubtitles, which should exist as just another scraper, exactly like the current ones for covers, fanart or video details.

  2. eduo, I have to agree with Plex vs XBMC on Mac. I did not try XBMC script for Plex.

    for 2nd part, I have to disagree, Boxee have “true” implementation, you dont need install any plugin, and thats important. I am not talking about “it can not be done better”. It can. And that wahy we are looking for some Python developers to take care of it.

    For scraper – I was talking about this with devs some time ago, I am not sure if there can be movies matched by hash in this way.

  3. Scrapers can access the files normally and do non-destructive stuff with them. They currently reader the file’s name and can also read .nfo files if there are any. This is not their limits, just what’s being done with them.

    I didn’t mean OS should be supported in a scraper, but in the same way as scrapers currently exist: As a way to collect related data on items.

    When you enter an item’s info you have the option of renewing the current metadata and, separately, of downloading a new fanart or cover. There could be an additional button for “Subtitles” that shows results on the moviefile and lets the user pick one.

    Also, when you’re scanning your files to update your library scrapers do all sorts of things to collect the appropriate data.

  4. I am surprised that VLC is not listed as a great media player. It is open source, it plays everything, even raw img files without having to mount the image. It allows recording and converting, adding subs, and if your tech inclined, you can stream movies over your local network, or even over the net. Even to your Ipod. It does not give out any info, like MS Media, Winamp etc. The only option I don’t see is the option to burn the movie to a DVD.

    I do agree it could use some simplification and ease of use features but, I would not trade it for the world. I have 3 terabytes (SP?) of movies and have used it to play everything in my collection. Am I missing out on anything great in these other players. Thanks, do love this site and the great work.

  5. VLC is recommended, but it got no opensubtitles support (yet), but ofcourse, it is one of the best player. I should update this article, because now there is OpenSubtitles Player 🙂

  6. Smplayer is the best.

    Fast, lite, all the power of mplayer, easy to use, lot of options.

    And is for GNU/Linux too

  7. I’m getting popup saying I need to upgrade to 4.4. I’ll click on “Upgrade” option and after a while still NOTHING happens. This popup blocks my screen viewing and will NOT go away (even while clicking on the “-” and “x”) and I’d have to reboot my computer to remove this popup…. ALSO it will NOT recognize my ID nor password, even after checking my records!!!

  8. Anyone here heard of tiger media player? Does it have facilities to add subtitles? I need help here pls…….

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