OpenSubtitles Add-on KODI Installation

Are you using KODI? Many users are getting the following questions:

  • Why opensubtitles add-on is missing from KODI?
  • KODI add-on is gone.
  • I can not find opensubtitles add-on KODI.
  • How to install opensubtitles add-on KODI?
  • How to install subtitles in KODI?
  • How to add subtitles in KODI?

The add-on was removed from KODI because of few reasons. You can read more about the reason here.

So, installing the missing opensubtitles add-on in KODI is not a difficult task. Actually, It’s quite simple.

Installing opensubtitles add-on KODI:

1. Install KODI if you do not have it installed yet.

2. Download the OpenSubtitles Add-on zip file here.

3. Launch KODI. Move to System -> Settings.

Opensubtitles add-on KODI - Interface
Opensubtitles add-on KODI – Interface

Click Add-ons.

Opensubtitles add-on KODI - Settings
Opensubtitles add-on KODI – Settings

Choose Install from Zip file.

Opensubtitles add-on KODI - Install from zip file
Opensubtitles add-on KODI – Install from zip file

Now, choose the downloaded zip file. That’s it!

It will show you that the add-on is enabled now. You can confirm it by going to SYSTEM -> SETTINGS -> ADD-ONS -> My Add-ons -> Subtitles ->

You can click “Configure” in the add-on and give your username, password. add-on KODI - Configure add-on KODI – Configure add-on KODI - Login add-on KODI – Login

This will disable all the advertisements if you are an VIP.

So, go ahead and enjoy add-on and feel free to share your comments bellow.

KODI is one of the many programs that uses OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy the free subtitles service of opensubtitles and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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  1. Thanks. Was looking for why it was disabled and found this blog. Via the zip mines are working again. So just swinging by to say thanks.

    P.s. Kodi’s reasons are rubbish imo.


  2. I can find the subtitle here but not on kodi ? is there a way to make it work in both here and kodi?

  3. was working good till yesterday but, suddenly this happens when i select it says ‘Failed to download subtitle’ and ‘Check the backlog’. Can anyone is help me to solve this??


  4. I’ve gave 2 sets of credit card details now and both say the cards cannot be used. Why do you need this at all? Surely many users do not use credit cards and does anyone care about fake accounts? It’s hardly registering to vote (which you don’t need credit card for!)

  5. I just noticed the problem with the default plugin.
    Here are the steps that I followed:
    – register to opensubtitles, no credit card needed
    – tried to use the default plugin with login information, was working at some time but eventually stopped
    – before uninstalling the plugin, reset login information to original (empty login/password)
    – uninstall and reboot Kodi (actually I rebooted the box)
    – install from zip and do not set any login/password

    Thanks to the opensubtitles guys for their platform, I can almost always find subtitles working like a charm even in french language for most of the movies or series.

  6. Goede avond
    Ik heb een vraag ik heb altijd zonder.problemen gehad en ik start vandaag me kastje op en moet ineens een wachtwoord en username in vullen hèb dit nooit gehad kan iemand me helpen ik ben einde raad

  7. On kodi it now says username and pasword. Otherwise it dont work. Why is this now? I have it 5 years neer problems but now yiu need to log in?..

  8. it is because of KODI guidelines, they don’t accept extra texts in subtitles, so we forced users to login if using addon (from their official REPO)

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