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We need to translate our latest GUI from English into your Language so ALLPlayer will be available in more languages.

  • Vom c?uta s? traduc? din englez? în alte limbi GUI ALLPLayera
  • Vi søker å oversette fra engelsk til andre språk GUI ALLPLayera
  • Chúng tôi tìm ??n d?ch t? ti?ng Anh vào các ngôn ng? khác GUI ALLPLayera

write me on and you will get the ini file, that can be opened in any NotePad and you can begin translation.



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  1. I am a career translator and interpreter. At the moment I work as the principal of a state language school in Spain and I would like to keep in touch with the translation of subtitles, which was part of my job for quite a few years. I would also like to practise it with our students at school.

    Thank you and congratulations on a truly remarkable job.

  2. I did send an email on the one you have provided me and failed to go through. If you use forum, I can send you information through it.

  3. I just wrote out the script for a new movie I was watching, but I don’t have time to add time codes and turn the Word document I wrote it on into subtitles. Is there anywhere on this website I can post the script and someone else can turn it into subtitles? It’s in English, so anyone can translate it into their language.

  4. Hi,

    I´m working as an interpreter on free-lance basis, I can translate English, German, French, Polish, Russian stuff into Czech/Slovak (first being my mother tongue, second I speak fluently). So perhaps you´ll give it a try:-))

  5. First … Great And Nice Work Andy … Thank you For your Wonderfull Work on AllPlayer …

    Good to See All Player in Many Languages ….

  6. Look, does anybody have all subtitles for Two and a Half Men Season 3, please? English or Portuguese. Thanks

  7. Eu moro no Brasil. Eu também gostaria de manter contato com pessoas que falam Inglês ou Espanhol para trocarmos algumas idéias sobre legendas de filmes. Por favor, informe meu e-mail para os alunos que queiram se comunicar comigo. EMAIL e MSN:

    I live in Brazil. I would also like to maintain contact with people who speak English or Spanish to exchange ideas on some subtitles of films. Please enter my e-mail to students who wish to communicate with me. EMAIL edu.rodrigues.silva @ and MSN:

  8. I am from Malaysia.. would love to do translation especially movies subtitles.. can translate from English to Malay…

  9. I am from Slovakia.. would love to do translation especially western movies subtitles.. can translate from English, Srbian, Magyar, Czech to Slovak…

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