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With the continuous iteration of the Windows system in recent years, it has now been upgraded to the latest Windows 11 system version. Windows 11 has a simpler appearance and easier-to-use functions, such as adding a variety of window arrangements, smooth switching effects, and more convenient office work. In addition, the HDR function of Windows 11 is also very attractive. This function can automatically map ordinary SDR images to HDR images. You must know that in terms of visual experience, the HDR effect can even crush SDR, and it will have better performance in terms of color layering, dynamic range, contrast, details, etc. The picture display is closer to the naked eye and more three-dimensional and transparent. With the blessing of the HDR function, users of the Windows 11 system can enjoy a more realistic and brilliant color picture, and watch movies more immersively. The game scenes seen when playing the game will also be more realistic and detailed, and the visual effects brought by the bright and dark pictures will naturally be more enjoyable, and the game experience will be more powerful.

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What is Auto HDR on Windows 11?

“HDR” stands for “High Dynamic Range.” It is an image and video capture and display that preserves image quality, especially in shots where one item is closer than another. This makes the image or video more realistic. Auto HDR is a setting on some devices and platforms that automatically enhances HDR-compatible content.

Does Windows 11 have an automatic HDR feature?

The HDR feature of Windows enhances the performance of HDR-compatible videos and games when you play them. Windows 11 makes this process even easier by including an automatic HDR feature

However, having Windows 11 doesn’t automatically mean you can use Auto HDR. In fact, there are many reasons why you might not be able to enjoy true HDR, even with an HDR-compatible monitor. Fortunately, you can check to see if your monitor is HDR-compatible through the device settings.

Even if your monitor is HDR compatible, you need to manually activate Auto HDR. If your monitor isn’t HDR compatible, skip to “Toggling options other than HDR” as we’ve provided other options you can try.

Does Auto HDR affect system speed?

Whether Auto HDR affects system speed depends largely on the content. For example, if the video content or game is already HDR compatible, your computer’s HDR system shouldn’t have to do much work.

Windows Auto HDR in games uses machine learning to improve the display of some older games, which will make more use of the system. However, many newer games are already HDR compatible, and Auto HDR won’t force non-HDR video upscaling. So if you do notice a slower system, it’s probably when you’re playing older games.

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