How to watch movies with subtitles?

Everything you have to do is rename subtitle file according movie file. So if you have “movie.avi” your subtitles must be located in same directory and renamed to “movie.srt”. Now open movie in your favourite video player and enjoy!

Downloading subtitles using MPC

MPC means Media Player Classic (download), it is a little old – latest release is dated to 2006-03-20, but that means nothing. It is still one of the best software players floating around. I will show you in this guide how to download perfectly matched subtitles without opening any website using OpenSubtitles.org ISDb protocol.

Download subtitles using ffdshow

After some thoughts I’ve got idea what should be really cool. Cool should be, if some DirectShow filter, codec or whatever should support downloading and uploading subtitles from our server – just like SubDownloader or OscarĂ‚ do.