Download movies using UseNeXT

UseNeXT – the company which we are promoting on OpenSubtitles.org. They give you for free program, where you can download a LOT of stuff

New ALL on the Christmas way :)

ALLContainer will let you to watch movies without thinking about subtitles.. once you tick off in the Setup that ALL has to find right subs for you .. and display, this will be done automatically.

ALLCoverFlow ™ – Your 3D Menu

ALLCoverFlow ™ – This is the new feature in ALLPlayer. It allows you to create 3D menu from any video and then display it on any television receiver in full screen mode.

Beware of asia scam mail

I recently (and my friends also) got mail from Asia Network offering some internet services like registration of domains and Internet brand (WTF). It was scam.

OpenSubtitles.org is back!

It seems google adsense doesn’t like pages like these, so they completely disabled ads for opensubtitles.org and opensubtitles.com too. So only right and real domain is opensubtitles.org.

VLC subtitles exploit

All users who use VLC, should be aware there is new exploit which affects VLC <= 0.8.6e. Workaround is not to open ssa subtitles from untrusted sources.

Import subtitles: DoNE

There are some thousands new subtitles for Polish, Hebrew and Dutch language. Every of those subtitles was in other format (subdirs, archives, different naming convention…), so I have to write new script (subroutine) for every language.

How to watch movies with subtitles?

Everything you have to do is rename subtitle file according movie file. So if you have “movie.avi” your subtitles must be located in same directory and renamed to “movie.srt”. Now open movie in your favourite video player and enjoy!

Downloading subtitles using MPC

MPC means Media Player Classic (download), it is a little old – latest release is dated to 2006-03-20, but that means nothing. It is still one of the best software players floating around. I will show you in this guide how to download perfectly matched subtitles without opening any website using OpenSubtitles.org ISDb protocol.

Download subtitles using ffdshow

After some thoughts I’ve got idea what should be really cool. Cool should be, if some DirectShow filter, codec or whatever should support downloading and uploading subtitles from our server – just like SubDownloader or Oscar do.