How to watch movies with subtitles?

…so you’ve downloaded subtitles for movies from one of the best subtitle site and…

To be honest, everyday I’m receiving one or more requests asking:

how to see subtitles,
how to open subtitles,
how do i see my movie on phone with subtitles i downloaded,
how to watch movies with subtitles,
how to use subtitles,
guide using movie subtitles,
how to display subtitles,
how to add movie subtitles…

After many replies I get bored and decided write mini how-to guide:

1. watch this video:

2. download GOOD video player:

And that’s all. As you can see, it is really easy, everything you have to do is rename subtitle file according movie file. So if you have “movie.avi” your subtitles must be located in same directory and renamed to “”. Now open movie in your favourite video player and enjoy!

Tip: if you like to watch movie with 2 subtitles (switch them in video player), let’s say english and dutch, you just have to rename subtitle files like:


Of course there exists millions ways how to watch subtitles, but this how-to is for begginers.

UPDATE: Many users are asking how they can add subtitles to DVD and watch in standalone DVD player – here is the link for the best software –  in this area (I am not only promoting something what I didn’t try, I was absolutely happy with this software) – try it here. They support every common format of subtitles, and also sub/idx files…Here is really nice guide for beginners.

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  1. My question might sound silly but I’ll try anyway: for most movies i can only found srt files named cd1/cd2. Now, my movies r often made of a single divx file, meaning the subtitles (‘cd1’) will stop halfway through it. I’m using VLC and i can’t find any way to have the ‘cd2’ file to start from halfway through the file. Any solution to this issue, pls? Did I make myself any clear at all? I hope so…

    1. get subtitles workshop 251..
      find join subtitles… follow the instrucions in HELP…
      It worked fine for me..

    2. When I feel the need, I use Aegisub to slide forward the subtitles in the file… it takes more or less a minute.

      Then, you can decide to keep the two separated, or try to merge the files in one (.srt are, really, plain text files with the format

      [blank line]

      ) with notepad, open the merged files witha AEGIS and re-save the srt (it fixes the indexes,m avoiding dupicates… most player do not care for indexes and only look at the times).

      Beware… Aegisub saves, by default, using the UTF-8 character set.

      Some cheap stand-alone players (like mine) expect ASCII or, at best, WINDOWS-1250 characters. You may be forced to reopen the subs with notepad and save using ANSI (or find a way to get AegiSub to save directly in ANSI).
      It becomes a bit complicated when you find only subtitles for a version of the movie with a different framerate, but in Aegis it can be done that too (export subtitles changing the framerate).

  2. What i often do is
    a) open the srt file 2, select the content, copy and close.
    b) open the srt file 1, click at the END of it, paste and SAVE.
    c) Rename the file. (Example: If the video is movie,avi , your subtitle should be (No number) )

    That’s all.
    Good luck.

  3. Dear Developers, is a good site to get any movei subtitle, but there is a problem for certain search results.
    Same movei title with the same name in different languases eg.: Goal in hindi and in english bring out inappropaite results.Pliz rectify the issue…
    Thanks a lot.


  4. Thank you for your help but i’m a bit lost: what about the synchronization? I mean, cd2 sub file will start at 00:00:01 or whatever, so how is it gonna time out halfway through the divx file?

  5. To Arale: try to find subtitle marked 1CD instead of CD1 and CD2 – (You cannot copy and paste SRT files – the time and numbering are not correct).
    Use “Magic Sub Edit” version 0.70 wich allow you to sync the sub with the film- This program is an extended Vobsub. If you use AVIDVDburner for making DVD’s then you can merge more AVI’s and SRT’s ( Movie1.avi and – and movie2.avi and can be converted to one DVD and plays that way.
    Good luck and greetings from Belgium

    1. Please help – Downloaded subs called 1cd which comes as a pdf .
      Using VLC how do I get this to work ?

      Many thanks

  6. i am trying to put the subtitles on pirates of the caribean worl ends, i did what was on the video, but it wont show :/

  7. Is there a way I can embed the SRT file into the movie file and then burn it to a DVD so the subtitles can be read when watched on a DVD player or TV?

  8. I was wondering if someone knows how to view the subtitles using your xbox 360 because I can’t do it that way and I’m talking about watching avi movies in the 360 not dvds

  9. Trevor there’s a very good program that I use is call convertXtoDvd you can put an avi as many subs you want, create a menu,convert it to dvd and burn it into a dvd

  10. I was wondering if I could use multiple subtitles (like english and dutch) in this way

    My divxplayer will recognize the srt with the same name as the movie. Just wondering if there’s a way to use 2 different ones…

  11. Ed: I am not aware, if on xbox 360 is possible watch movie with text subtitles. On XBOX (old) we have the best media center – XBMC (use google:)
    Tony: it is possible, just do following: rename to and
    I will write this to article.

  12. HELP ME PLS I try to copy and paste 2 sub files into 1 but it failed as the timing does not connects. SO file 1 is 0-49 min and file 2 is 0-1hr 4minutes which is CD1 and Cd2 sub. HOW to combine them? Rewrite every timing????

  13. hi,

    can you recommend a good application for MAC to convert divx files to DVD that CAN include the subtitles?

    than you so much,


  14. is there a way that i can embed the srt file into the divx file and have be one so that i can make a data cd. so that when i am watching the movie the subtitles are there for it. i downloaded The Kingdom from fxg and the subtitles were there in the movie. i had this same problem with Eastern Promises and Pans Labyrinth.

  15. With VLC media player I didn’t have to rename the downloaded subtitles file or put it in the same folder as the movie. I downloaded subtitles as WinRAR zip files, extracted the file and just put .srt on the end of the extracted file. With VLC just use file – open file and you you will see a browse function which you can use to search for the movie file and which can be on your PC or on a DVD and below you will see subtitle options. Put a tick in the box and click on settings and you can then use the browse function for the subtitles file.

  16. @jeremy, you can only do it with a Matroska muxer and your movie’s extension will be .mkv . Download MKVtoolnix, its easy to use, you can add multiple subtiltes, audios, merge or split files.
    @WATEVER, use Subtilte Workshop, free and easy to use. You can join subtitles with that, and correct time codes easily or you can use BSPlayer Subtitle Editor. Synchronize both subtitles to your film and copy and paste the second to the first one.

  17. Well.. Im having a big broplem… I dont have/I cant download ( I dont know why!) java player so I cant watch any videos.. so im in trouble cuz I dont know how to use subtitles and there aint no way to get that info.. so could anyone help me??
    If you cant help me I’ll just find my brothers friend and drag him here to take care of things… 😀

  18. I download Persepolis, then downloaded the subtitles. I have a Mac and use MPlayer for this video. The subtitles aren’t showing up. Why is that?

  19. To Watever:you can’t copy and paste 2 subtitles files to make one.( I suppose you work with a PC and not a Mac) Use Sub MAGIC Editer ( I do) with this program you can open the first SRT sub file and then APPEND the second SRT file and it works.You can also sync the timing with the AVI film and change it if necessary.Program is 2.4Mb version 0.7 and it works 5 times better than Vobsub.
    Success! Johnvana

  20. well, I downloaded dr. Strangelove estonian subtitled, and what I got was a .txt format file, no srt or something, I even tried to rename it but nothing, my videoplayer dont find it. I’m using TOTEM

  21. sir,
    I am not able to watch subtitles using the way you suggested through above video.
    please suggest me the proper way.
    I use windows media player, mpclassic.

  22. i have downloaded a few subtitle tracks and i use vlc player….the problem is either the subtitles do not synchronize with the dialouges going on in the movie….i hav tried the delay function but then also it is not working….what to do?

  23. @Emre, so after i do this will i be able to watch the movie on my divx/dvd player and the subtitles will be at the the bottom of the screen whenever there is foreign language? i usaually put up to six movies on one dvd+r disc. then watch them on my divx/dvd player and not my computer.

  24. hello every one ,
    please help me i can’t download any move so if any one knows how can do it .please send me .

  25. renaming the file exactly as the movie worked for me was having problems with Ichi the killer cause it had (eng)(subs)in the file name got rid of it and IT WORKED GREAT…thanks man

  26. I can only view DIVX Movies subtitle with VLC media player and not Classic Media Player, DIVX palyer, Window Media Player. I hope to get some tips soon.

    Thank You


  27. i’ve downloaded 30 days of Night in 2 files (cd1 and cd2). problem is that i could only find 1 file of subtitle for it. how do i use the same subtitle files to sync for both cd1 and cd2 movie?

  28. Hi,

    Is there somebody who knows if it s possible to read a normal DVD (not divX) and put the subtittles.
    We just got “pride and prejudice” in DVD but there is no subtittles and there english is kind of hard to follow.
    Do you know how i can do?

  29. I transfer/convert all avi to mpeg2 format for dvd. Can anyone tell me how can I get the subtitles as well?

    Thanks 😀

  30. You can look on the internet for subtitles.Just search for subtitles and then download to the movie file.Subscene is one such site.You can then burn them with convertx.

  31. luke, on January 23rd, 2008 at 2:15 am Said:

    With VLC media player I didn’t have to rename the downloaded subtitles file or put it in the same folder as the movie. I downloaded subtitles as WinRAR zip files, extracted the file and just put .srt on the end of the extracted file. With VLC just use file – open file and you you will see a browse function which you can use to search for the movie file and which can be on your PC or on a DVD and below you will see subtitle options. Put a tick in the box and click on settings and you can then use the browse function for the subtitles file.

    Thank you Luke, it worked perfectly. The VLC is the best player.

  32. i got a dvd of Three Colours Blue. Unfortunately i dint check for the subtitles and they’re missing.

    I downloaded the english subtitles from here and followed the instructions, everything is fine but THEY’RE AREN’T IN SYNC!

    H.E.L.P! S.O.S

  33. Is there a way to get English subtitles JUST for the Russian speaking parts of Eastern Promises? I don’t want to have them on when they are speaking English. I’m using VLC.

    Please help.

    Thank You

  34. can someone plz tell me that if only srt files are supported in dvd player? or sub smi files are also supported in dvd players? thanx in advance

  35. hy everyone,i would like to know if there is a program that can convert a dvd file into a avi. file.I already got “Captivity” in dvd file and i can”t burn it to a dvd disc.Thanks from Italy.

  36. Hi everyone, I am watching Talvisota which has cd1 and cd2. The subtitles for cd2 start with the start of cd2 but those subtitles are meant for the frame which comes at around 4 minute. I have downloaded subtitles workshop but am unable to synchronize. How can i create a delay of 4 min so that subtitles are synchronized.

  37. how can do: avi+srt->avi, that is to embed subtitles into and existing avi file… I realy dont want to get a mkt file…


  38. hi..about adding subtitles on avi..
    1) i download 2 parts(CDs) of a movie.avi
    2)i downoladed 1cd str file for the same movie.avi
    3)i renamed the str file like the 1st movie CD
    it worked perfect( movie cd 1.avi —-movie cd 1 str)
    but i cant add subtitles to the 2nd CDmovie.avi…i tried to rename it with the same way like the 1st CD…but i get the 1st CDs subtitles ….what should i do ?? i only have one STR FILE..but 2PARTS (CDs) of the avi movie…thank you

  39. The 25-second lag:

    My movie file has the first 25 seconds repeated. so the subtitles aint syncin’. Any ideas on how to get over this? I don’ want to change all the time !! And I dont have a clipper too…

  40. i’m trying it for hours!! it doesnt works
    ca somebody explain me in different steps what i have to do

  41. Hi,
    You can download this codec and enjoy your lovely Windows Media Player with any format you want. Just search in google “CCCP” and download it. It is about 6MB.

  42. I have tried to get it work with the movie “American Gangster” and Greek subtitles from

    subtitles show up but is not in Greek…..seem like “chinese” to me…like something with the encoding is wrong. Tried to use subs downloaded from else where ,same problem.Used English subs,shows up OK. Any ideas whats wrong? I hate my new Vista and am afraid that is something wrong with them…obviuosly am not a computer expert..
    I have used MPC and subdownloader, didnt find any Greek subs,I downloaded 2 different subs from 2 different websites…..and the subs show up as some kind of wrong unicode or encoding. Same thing when try to play with VLC. Please help me.

  43. okay. so i looked at the vid above which confused me more. and was playing around with it and somehow i got it.. hopefully this will help other people, but i downloaded the subtitle and saved it to desktop and put it in the same folder as the movie and opened vlc, clicked open file, browse. found the movie. and then clicked use a subtitle file, browse. found the subtitle location. and ok. so far its working

  44. I am hoping you know something about vobsubs submux?! Why is it that I can only successfully mux subtitles to avi files on some movies?? Sometimes after I hit mux it does nothing but save a 1 second file and I am doing the exact same thing and the same types of files as I do when it actually works and I can see that submux is working because all these numbers randomize where you hit mux. I am so frustrating because I have a few movies that I can not mux subtitles onto therefore I cannot convert them to dvd and watch them. I really hope that you can help me and would be very much appreciative.

  45. re:hoobastank: you can download them separately. search video name subtitles or go to one of the sites listed in other comments.

    re:yannis: you could try Jubler. it’s a free subtitle editing program in java (so it’s good for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, etc.). It advertises that it supports every encoding supported by java, so you could open it in that and see if changing the encoding (save as) is what you need. Otherwise, the subs you downloaded may have just been mislabeled.

    re: deaconblues, paarth, harsha, etc: you can use the same program to easily shift subs as much time as you want till they’re in sync.
    re: theo rizos, jensen, etc: or to join or split subtitle files in two to match your video files.
    re: people still trying to use WMP: try VLC, some players just don’t support ‘soft’ subtitles.

  46. hello.
    may ask for some questions. i have movie pay it forward 2000 with format video avi. but there no subtitle. can you explain to me how i can this movie with indonesia language subtitle. cause i’m from indonesia. please can you tell me how ?
    thanks before, i hope you explain to me at :

  47. Hello. I download the subtitle but it plays in wrong time..the subtitle appear later then the sound..what should i do?please help(sorry if I write with mistakes but i’m hungarian:))

  48. Yo, Got CDI + CD2 prob, im a mac, cant find sub magic editor or subtitle workshop for mac, how can i sync the 2 subtitle discs to the movie? If it was one file I have no problem. HELP!

  49. I wanna ask a question.
    i have a movie SAW 4 in .VOB formats(5parts)
    n i want to add subtitle to it. Hw can i do this?

  50. Can anyone help me, I have rendition in ISO format and i am trying to get it to play so that there are subtitles for the Arabic parts ONLY. I downloaded, renamed, put them in the same folder, selected with VLC and still nothing or out of sync! driving me mental

  51. Oh never mind i just played in a dvd player and i can select the other english subtitle track. new to this

  52. i added the subtitle your way on how-to..but the timings are to put the correct timings..please reply as soon as u can

  53. Sometimes when I put a downloaded subtitle file i the movie folder and start the movie, it appears with a green line diagonal to the screen. It constantly stays there throughout the movie. Can anybody help how to fix this? I’m know well how to put subtitles on a movie but this problem is out of my reach, can anybody suggets something? Thanks in advance.

  54. How can i delay a srt-subtitle file.

    Is there any command in the *.srt-file syntax?

    Perhaps exist a sommand like ” -00:00:40,000″
    or something else?

  55. In every forum I go to, people explain how to do this and that… and it’s always for PCs. Macs are different – and I can’t get certain subtitles to work.

    I use the VCL Player. If I play an .MKV film, with subtitles (which have the .ass extension), it works fine. If I play an .AVI film, with subtitles (which have the .sub extension), it works fine. BUT, if I play an .AVI film, with subtitles (which have the .srt extension), it does NOT work. In short, subtitles seem to work, EXCEPT for those with the .srt extension. Again, I’m using a Mac. Does anyone know what the problem is? I know how to use the VCL Player and open subtitles, but .srt does not work on the Mac version of VCL.

  56. hi. i use widows media player and real player. is it possible for me to watch a movie in either of these two players with subtitles? pease guide me. i m very new to this. if its not possible to watch the movie with subtitles, can i just download the movie script/ actual subtitles from any website in ms-word or .pdf format? anyone who can help me, please contact me at a million thanks!

  57. I can’t figure a way to attach the subtitle file, or, perhaps the right word is imbed the subtitle file into my avi movie.

    I can play any movie on my computer with subtitles -but I want to burn a Cd so I can watch the movie on my divx / cd / dvd / player that is attached to my TV

    I tried using Santa 4 but it didn’t work. It said it was going to include the subtitle and asked for its addition -but didn’t include it in the output file.

    Any ideas

  58. Hi can someone please paste the link to download “subtitle workshop”. The ones i have found on google dont allow me to download it for some strange reason. thanks in advance!

  59. hi every1,
    i use Nero Vision 4 to burn movies onto DVD’s and sometimes the movie that i add to burn audio goes out of sync. Is there something i can do to fix this? as some movies i add to nero vision 4 to burn work perfectly fine its only some movies that dont sync with the audio.
    Please help. thanks

  60. Hi people.

    I have just downloaded “Anthony Zimmer” and the Anthony Zimmer subtitles file, and i have down everything thing the video had said (renamed the file so it matched the movie name exactly) but it does not seem to work…I have put them both into the same folder and opened the movie file with Vlc, but still no subtitles….plz can anyone help?

  61. For players I normally use the Gom Player, if you are having problems with subtitles at any given time, make sure it’s the correct format (.srt) and that it’s a written document.
    Also make sure the subtitles are the exact same name as the movie, or else your player will not pick it up and you will not get subtitles for your movies, also make sure they are both saved in the same folder.

    Make sure you’re using a proper player and have the right extensions to play the movie. Some times if I cannot play the movie it’s because I am missing certain codecs in which case I downloaded a full codec pack which helped with certain movies and subtitles. I also use FFDshow for extra codecs to play certain movies that will not play or work properly on my computer.

    But i have done everything that is in this little blog for the past few years and it has yet to fail me, i suggest looking into what your computer might be missing if you are having problems with playing subs and movies on your computer.

  62. Hi, thx for the reply…

    I’m pretty sure i have done everything correct, but im not quite sure what you mean by “and that it’s a written document.” Here’s a picture of the folder which contains, both the subtitles file and the Movie…Can you spot anything wrong with it?

    Also, if that is correct, i’ll try downloading new codecs, can you possibly reccomend me somewhere in which i can download them?

    Thx in advance.

  63. What should I do if my sub aren’t in srt. but in txt.???
    Is there anything I can do???
    Btw, sub i downloaded from were in txt.

  64. Costel: I have been successful with converting of DVDR files (vobs) into avi format using both Divx and Xvid compression using AutoGK. In the past you had to learn 5 programs and was quite complicated. What AutoGK does is install and run these various programs for you. Turning the task into a one click soluction (much like using convertXtoDVD for the opposite direction). Note that converting a full movie takes 3-6 hours depending on the computer (where the the opposite convert using convertXtoDVD is 45 min – 1 1/2 hours). AutoGK is opensource. Do a google search for it and visit its forums if you have any questions.

  65. When I try adding Chinese subtitles to a movie, it shows up as a set of weird characters and not the actual chinese characters I’m hoping for. Is there something I didn’t do properly or another program I need? Will the same problem occur if I put it in a DVD player?

  66. i can”t figure it out .can you tell me step for step what to do for getting subtitels with my movie?

  67. I have done like ur mini intro shows, but i cant see the subs in my movie, please explain me better.

  68. i’m having probs with subtitles etc but mainly because vlc has installed in german. I get an option of languages, choose english, but still when i open a file with vlc the complete taskbar is in german. Any tips? cheers

  69. Thanks – got my subtitles working – a very useful guide for inexperienced users (like myself;-) on how to get these files associated with each other.

  70. I am using quick time to view movies in a MAC (OS X). I followed your directions for getting subtitles but they are not running with the movie. What can i do? Thanks for your help.

  71. Ok thats good but how i put subtitles at a tv show?i downloaded subtitles for heroes and there is a differend file for each episode how am gonna put the subtitles?????????????

  72. I have been trying to add English subs to the french flick “Hors de Prix” and even though I’ve changed the file names to be the same, it still doesn’t work. Is there a specific video program I need for this to work properly? It’s really frustrating…any help would be great. Thanks.

  73. Okay, I figured out that problem, so ignore my previous post. However, if I want to burn a DVD of that movie, can I do it so that the subtitles play automatically? How do you do that?

  74. Dear All,

    I am a new member in this site. Now, I got a problem that I cannot put the subtitle on the movie.

    Please advise how to put the subtitle on the movie?

    All of your help will be great.


  75. I follow the step in the “How to watch movie with subtitle?” guide above but doesn’t work out!

    Can some body help me? Do I miss any step?

    Do I have to burn to CD before adding subtitle?

    I’m new member, please help!

    Thanks a lot

  76. forgive me for being so stupid but i downloaded a film, then downloaded the subtitle, what now?!?!

    what is a srt file?

    do you have to put them both in a winRAR archive and wait for them to forget their differences. Please help me…

    everyone here seems to have gotten a hell of a lot further than me!!

  77. Hi all. I am very new to subs etc so please bear with me and hopefully it won’t hurt (me) too much. I downloaded the subs for War, changed the name to title of movie and I now have subs. YAY! BUT is there a way that the subs ONLY come up for the non-english speaking parts of the movie? I have them coming up even when it’s english speaking. No big deal I’m sure for many but I am one of those OCD and everything as you would know has to be perfect. Sorry if I sound like a pain or what I’m asking would be classed as menial.

  78. all you can do is download subs from another source and hope its set up how you want it. Most movies should come with automatic subs for non english parts(so just disable subs)

  79. your fucking subtitle bullshit sucks, its gives me the subtitles for the language I already fucking speak, when it comes to the language I don’t speak it’s 5 minutes fucking behind. Thanks for fucking nothing.

  80. Hi everyone! I am downloading DVD movies but I do not always find the subtitles for Spanish (my language)included in the DVD. Could you recommend a way to download those subtitles and tell me how to do in order to add them to the movie?

  81. Hi, is it possible to watch a DVD and to have Web-downloaded subtitles attached to it? Do I have to rip the DVD to a file before?

  82. I’m having problems too. i downloaded the film, “3 needles” (.avi file), and was able to get a .srt subtitle work with my vlc player/mac version.

    how come .idx files works [and is in synch] well with 3 needles?
    .srt files does not synch with the dialogues in 3 needles! it’ appears either late or too early before the dialogue. im using a mac. how do i solve this? i need english subs for 3 needles!

    PLEASE HELP! ='(

  83. I have a problem. I cant find a text file with is divided into 2CD

    So i copy and paste the 2nd part of the dvd subtitiles into a new notepad divide and saved as the title of the 2nd CD.

    But the subtitles does not appear for the i copied?

  84. Hi, I have read all the comments and tired all the suggestions but still unable to get the sub file working.

    There is a sub file but it just does not seem to work

    The .avi file is in the same folder that has the .srt file and I renamed them to be the same. I am using VLC. It plays fine just no subs, could you shed any light on to what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks!! Lauren

  85. If you are using VLC, check Video > Subtitles Track > Track 1 is selected, its seems to be working with me.

  86. hey. to anyone who can help me and is bothered to open up this rapidshare link (i appreciate the help, if any). have a look at this first:

    that is the result of a movie i play in windows media player classic and real player. it is an avi file. in windows media player 11 it doesn’t even play.

    this only happens when there are subs in the folder. if the file is just on its own without srt files, it’s perfectly normal.
    if anyone knows what’s wrong and what i can do with this, please help!!! thanks so much peoples

  87. by the way, all the sub names are fine (the same as the movie) and the subs are displayed, it’s just screwed up on the player screen

  88. THE MOST SIMPLEST WAY TO PLAY A SUBTITLE FILE IN VLC PLAYER (One of the best players ever, plays almost any kind of file without any extra third party codecs, download it from here – IS –

    > Go to the folder where the video file is present.
    > Right click on the file. Select ‘Open with’ option and under it VLC Player.
    > Once the video starts playing, just drag the .srt or any Subtitle file you have and drop it inside the VLC player that is playing the Movie. (Dragging means, right clicking the mouse button on .srt file, then without releasing the right click button pull the file into the VLC player and then release the right click button)

    This is the simplest way to do it. No need to rename the subtitle file into the movie name or even keep the subtitle file in the same directory as movie. Infact the movie can be in one folder and subtitle file in another with different names and it would still work.

    Comeon guys, now if you tell you aren’t able to still play the subtitle file then it would be insane. This is as simple as it can get. About out of sync subtitle files, you can use one of the softwares above and fix it, or the simplest way is find some other subtitle file. I’m sure you’ll find one that would sync to the movie you have 🙂

  89. this helped for the viewing part what about the burning part so I can view it on my dvd player cause there is times where I would head to a friends house and bringing a dvd is easier then a hardrive for them

  90. Hi, Can anyone help telling me how can I burn the movie on a DVD with the subtitles?

  91. Hi,
    is there a way to put subtitles bigger? When i watch the movie in the Divx player they look so small.

    Thanks a lot,


  92. I have a 0.8.6f VLC player. I tried to rename the .srt same with the movie file. But when I played it in the VLC player it doesn’t work. Can you help me please.

  93. i have this movie and i know how to put subtitles but every subtitles i have tried is kind of wrong for that movie. all subtitles i have tried starts too early, you know. like that line what they say in that movie, has already been if you follow subtitles. i would like to have at least english subtitles, otherwise i dont understand very much about that movie.
    sorry, i dont know did i make my problem clear at all, i’m not very good in english.

  94. Thank YOU LUKE! I was blundering a bit cuz i cudnt figured it out, then this came up
    “With VLC media player I didn’t have to rename the downloaded subtitles file or put it in the same folder as the movie. I downloaded subtitles as WinRAR zip files, extracted the file and just put .srt on the end of the extracted file. With VLC just use file – open file and you you will see a browse function which you can use to search for the movie file and which can be on your PC or on a DVD and below you will see subtitle options. Put a tick in the box and click on settings and you can then use the browse function for the subtitles file.”
    I suggest to those who still dont get it, to use VLC. Simple as 1,2,3. Thank you also to the website for the subs and tutorial.

  95. When i have a mac and i have VLC player, why dose it not work? can someone tell me how to do it?

  96. I often download greek subs for my movies and on my pc work fine. But on a friend’s pc the greek subs appear as arabic,chinese etc and when i say “appear” i mean in every program i use for example bs player, gom player, windows player. Can you help me?

  97. I use mpc player with k-lite codec and it works just fine for me.
    1. Rename the subtitle exactly the same with the video name and add .srt at the end of the name (just copy & paste) even the file still in text document.
    2. Make sure they are in the same folder

    and u can watch your video with the sub.

    Thanks for the tips! Now I can watch La Femme Nikita with eng sub perfectly.

  98. Hi , how r u ?
    there is a movies i DLed it .. i can only open it with Real one player , when i renamed the sub. it doesnt show the subtitels .what show i do? is it bcz of my vidoe player .. is it any other player that can open RealAudio / RealVideo VBR files ??? i tried it with VLC , MPC , but still didnt work …
    plz help me .. tnx

  99. I want to use arabic subtitiles
    when I played the movie, the characters are showing in arabic but each one is seen alone (are not attached to each other)
    is there any way to fix it ?
    thanks in advance

  100. thankz bro. after u teach me how to watch movie with subtitle using MPC, i did not waste my money to buy CD or DVD any more….

  101. Is there a way to embed the subs into the avi without affecting the video quality of the file? I’ve tried adding the subs to the avi, then converting to dvd with convertx, later ripping it to divx but the end product is less than the original video.

  102. I am desperately trying to get subs to work. I watched video above and did what was instructed but what happens is that movie is blank upon play back (no sound, no picture). If I delete the srt file I am able to watch the movie but it is back to square one no subtitles. Why? Oh I am using Windows Media 11.

  103. I’ve a big problem..I want to burn my avi films WITH SUBTITLES on dvd or cd(if one dvix) disc,BUT how can i do that? have i need a special program? If yes, where can i find it? please if somebody know it, help me and write it step by step…
    PLZ help me people…
    and sorry for the mistakes i just learning English..:)

  104. I’ve downloaded “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Romanian movie), and I’ve tried countless times to get the subtitles to work – no good.I use KM player, and usually have no probs. Any help?

  105. Is my question how I can do for for the inscriptions to the same rhythm as the movie? Since my film begins but the inscriptions do not go to the same time as the movie. I wanted to know how I can do that. it answers me in my mail

  106. be able to use me? I want to put subtitles in the same rhythm as the film advances but it does not walk because my film begins more quickly and subtitles do not advance all at once. How can I make so that it advances all at once???

  107. I have BLOOD DIAMOND of 900 mb and the subtitles are of 1cd (700mb) . In Movie subtitles comes along moviefor 20 min and then it is back from movie mean movie is forward and Subtitles are behind. What To DO Now?

    i Have Movie Of 1.3 GB And Subtitles Are In 2 Cd’s I Have Remaned First One and how To Rename Second one.kindly Reply me on my mail .

    Thanks in Advance

  108. Hey,
    How do I put a menu on my DVD so that i can burn it, then have the option to select the subtitle; or even burn 2 movies on the same cd.

  109. I have downloaded Scaramouche n the related subtitle file as well. I’m using the VLC player. i have tried renaming the file to .srt. Doesnt work. When it does, the timing is also haywire…I mean the dialogue-subtitle sync is not there. I am NOT a tech friendly human. So can any of you pls explain to me how to about this. Would be most obliged. Mail me at

    Thanx in advance.

  110. hi … this was great help thank u …everything worked great =) .. but the only problem is that i downloaded arabic subtitles but they show in wierd characters that need encoding … how can i encode them ??

    thank u again

  111. My question might sound silly but I’ll try anyway: for most movies i can only found srt files named cd1/cd2. Now, my movies r often made of a single divx file, meaning the subtitles (’cd1?) will stop halfway through it. I’m using VLC and i can’t find any way to have the ‘cd2? file to start from halfway through the file. Any solution to this issue, pls? Did I make myself any clear at all? I hope so…

  112. One stupid question.
    I have downloaded movie in .wmv format and this is not having any subtitles in it.
    How can watch movie in English subtitles?

  113. My question might sound silly but I’ll try anyway: for most movies i can only found srt files named cd1/cd2. Now, my movies r often made of a single divx file, meaning the subtitles (’cd1?) will stop halfway through it. I’m using VLC and i can’t find any way to have the ‘cd2? file to start from halfway through the file. Any solution to this issue, pls? Did I make myself any clear at all? I hope so…

  114. The Subtittle must be in the (srt) format.
    at the same time SUBTITTLE name must be RANAMED as particuler films name.

  115. Hallo every body,
    Any one out there who know to merge subtitle into an avi movie and thereafter convert the movie to DVD ? I have ConvertxtoDVD program but can’t see any where I can add the srt file 🙁

  116. I can give u a good site which offers you to synchronize subtitles. The subs have to be in .srt format.
    choose or synchronize subtitles to change the fps of the srt
    the différence (offet+/-) from the movie and transform a srt in .sub
    But if u choose 1=2 CD
    supposing u have only 1 movie and two 2 subs files
    u can enter the name of the first srt
    then the other u click to proceed and u have your srt joined on your hard disk.

    More simple i never found out. And it can resolve some synchronizations pbm either.

    I hope i’ve helped !

  117. @cuti ! yes putting srt files into DVD in convertx2DVD is possible, i have done it myself. Just wait i reinstall this proggy and i will tell u exactly what to do to have your subs incrusted in your movie ( u can even have a few languages…).
    Won’t be long !

  118. @cuti
    if u have the proggy convertX2dvd version 2 or 3
    and u put the movie and the subtitles in the same directory with naturrelly the same name as it s said 1,0000 times in the different posts
    when u choose the movie u will have the the subtitles and then u can not add them but delete them.
    remember : movie.avi (or movie.sub and movie.idx )
    maybe if u didn’t came back it is because u finally found out !

  119. RE:
    Mario, on January 8th, 2008 at 5:49 pm Said:
    What i often do is
    a) open the srt file 2, select the content, copy and close.
    b) open the srt file 1, click at the END of it, paste and SAVE.

    My question following: with what program I can open a filename extension “srt”, and then after editing to save again in an extension “srt”?
    I tried it to make by means of a notebook, but the file is saved in an extension “txt”, and its renaming in “srt” don’t give result.

  120. I tried to make it by means of a notebook, then to rename with extension “srt” but new file is not loaded as subtitles, unfortunately.

  121. Thanx alots guy ……… 🙂
    I have succeded in embeding subtitle into my DVD movie 🙂


  122. I renamed the subtitle file to .SRT (as in the video) but when I open VLC the subtitles are ignored. If I open them manually using menu I have to set FPS of my movie to 25 and the delay to -60 to get them working but the only time the text changes is when the subtitles change – periods of no speech mean the previous subtitles stay on the screen all the time. What is wrong? (btw I have “Adams Aebler.avi” and “Adams”)

  123. Ok so here is my problem. I have some anime vids I downloaded in Japanese with the subtitles as a option to select in say vlc player. but when I converted it to put on my psp the subtitles are not there. What can I do to fix this problem? Please help.

  124. I have also a problem with some movies..
    the subtitels are to late. I see them speaking, an about 5seconds later, the subtitles come..

    how can I fix this???

  125. Robin, you might just need to download some other srt file, i’ve had the same problem a few times, and i’ve fixed it by downloading different kinds of files and trying them out. some of them work perfectly, some of them.. not that good.

  126. @robin the movie and the .srt subtitle must have both the same fps (frame per second) look with Gspot (a freeware)the fps of your movie before downloading subtitles. And i already said that there are proggy where u can change the fps of your movie.
    Bsplayer does it !

  127. it’s sound hardest way but will result sweet thing ,
    You can add .SRT to your .avi file using virtualDUB and SRT converter to SSA file .You can download that file at (maybe(it`s free too)) and you can get how to add srt file to your avi guide there too!!
    may be this is the link you need (or if not you can googling it first ):

    (I recommend that you must download the latest virtual dub (maybe in opensourceforge))

    it s recomended that you’re movie.avi don’t have subtitle first or it’ll cross!

  128. This site helped me solve my problem, but for reference for others:
    I got VLC error “subtitle: failed to recognize subtitle type
    main: no suitable demux module for … [subtitle file pathname]”

    This error happened when I tried to load a *.sub file and a *.avi file both from the same CD rom folder, both named with the same names.

    If i use VLC’s File->Open command and explicitly tell it a valid *.srt file, it still gives me the same error.

    The solution was to copy the entire 700 meg avi file to my harddrive, and put the *.srt file next to it as described in the Howto above, ***and not have the problematic *.sub file next to the *.avi file***

    Good luck and thanks

  129. sorry 4 again asking the same i am unable to make the subtitle to work on with my early reply required

  130. is mediaplayer 11 a good player?? does it work with most srt files?
    Well I am asking because, I am running my movies in mediaplayer11, and some of srt files works great, but then again…some doesn’t…ex I downloaded the srt file to the mowie shutter and it should be the danish subtitles, well now when I am running the movie it’s english subtitles…what the…. I have tried this *movie* and it does not comply?????

  131. this was a great help to solve my problem of viewing a movie with subtitle. It became a knowledge tank about this subject.I must thank first

    While searching through the net I found this illustration most usefull to embed subtitle in an AVI file. You can write it in a CD or DVD and watch it using anything which play the video

  132. Hi Guys, i changed the subtitle file name as “” & then i opened the movie file in windows media player 11 & other movie players, but still i am not able to view the subtitles, does anybody know how to merge subtitle into an avi movie ????? PLZZZZZ i need ur help guys

  133. Hi Guys, i changed the subtitle file name as “” & then i opened in VLC player, but i am getting an Error Msg

    ” Unrecognized format for ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Mohamed\My Documents\Downloads\Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na\Jaane Tu Ya Jaane’

    Wat can be done ? help me

  134. Hey i need the english subtitles of the movie Riffa, la starring Monica bellucci. please can u help me to get it ……

  135. “We” people?

    We have Perian for Quicktime, mPlayer, VLC, Movist, Plex, XBMC and several others and they ALL play subtitles, same as “you PC people”.

    We somehow manage to not have issues. We know subtitles must be named the same as the movie. We know subtitles must be placed in the same place as the movie. Also the sames as “you PC people”.

    We also can deduct that if we have two subtitle files and only one movie file then we probably won’t be able to use that. In the end if a subtitle doesn’t work we can download another (using SubDownloader or others) or try to fix it. We can use Subs Factory or Jubler to fix it.

    I have followed the comments in this thread and I must say I’ve been surprised some people here even manage to start up their own PCs with some of the questions (and answers!).

    It’s amusing, as Mac users are generally considered to be “simpler” yet there are problems I see here I can’t even imagine hearing from a Mac user.

    Incidentally, I’m a Mac user who also uses Windows and Linux. I use Mac as a personal preference as I consider it the most balanced, useful and best-looking option of the three.

  136. eduo ++
    I just refused to answer of all of these questions, because it seems some people dont even know whats is text file 🙂 But on other side I am happy, there are 200 responses to this guide, I wish I have more time to make more guides.

  137. hey there
    i have the windows media player at windows vista. i downloaded “horton hears a who”. i have also the windows dvd maker, i can add subtitles there, but the question is how??? i don’t have the right program to open the subtitle file before i add it to the dvd maker… please help me…

  138. i have a problem with subtitles because when i start a movie , subtitlle showed but not in the same time.when the actors speak the SYNCHRONIZATION showed later.if anybody can tell me something about that , i will be thankfull.

  139. All the srt file mentioned here is with …x srt and my problem is that which one to download. as many movies srt doesnot match with the voice while diplaying the subtitles.

  140. Thank u so much to the one who guided. Man! I would never come to know about this. It really helps a allot. thanks once again

  141. Hi everyone,

    What can I do to be able to read the Chinese subtitles in my movie? It just shows up as a bunch of wierd characters instead of the Chinese characters I was hoping.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  142. If you are having trouble with the delay when using subtitle u should set the delay/timing in the MPC (vobsub) or at VLC
    One thing u must know that the framerate also effect the subtitle.
    Go to the movie properties and find out the framerate, usually 25fps. if u have a different framerate it will also couse u an out of sync. hmm gonna make some tutorial ill post the link here if i had done it. ~ a Sharing Community

  143. Small comment:

    framerate ONLY comes into play when dealing with “.SUB” subtitles. “.SRT” subtitles are not affected by framerate since they point to specific timemarkers in the video. The same is true for ASS and SSA subtitles.

  144. How do you get foreign subtitles to play? Im trying to get the japanese subtitles for rambo to play but it will not… does anyone know what is wrong? The srt and avi files are in the same directory. When i try to play the video, nothing will work in windows media player. The file plays in vlc player, but there are no japanese subtitles… any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  145. hey.. i try many time to watch the drama with eng sub..
    but still can’t…
    i don’t know what else to do..
    help me!!!
    i just wanna be crazy right now!!

  146. i’ve done everthing but there was no audio… the subtitles is ok… movie is ok but without audio… help pls… i used submux. changed the filename…

  147. i have a problem…
    i´ve downloaded a video with the real player format, rv40, but i can´t put the subtitles in it, and i can´t fin no other player that plays that kind of video…

    help me please!

  148. Hi,
    I am a Mac user. I downloaded two subtitles for a film, did what was told here and it works fine. BUT. How can I switch the subs off? The QuickTime player shows ‘off’ in the View/Subtitles menu item.
    Thankx for the help.

  149. ladamus: To be able to use Quicktime you must first download Perian ( and install it. Quicktime can’t see these subtitles without it (the menu item you mention is for something else I don’t have the patience to explain here).

    On the other hand you can just download VLC or Movist and use those to see movies with subtitles, as they have subtitle support built-in.

  150. Ladamus: As I mentioned, you’d really make yourself a favour if you used Movist or VLC. They truly are superior players for what you want to do. Perian enables subtitles but doesn’t integrate them in Quicktime’s Subtitle menus.

  151. it doesn’t work. i am using the new wmp and my OS is vista. i have renamed the srt file and changed it to the same name as the pb title but it just doesn’t work. how’s that ???

  152. i had this problem for the first time: when i copy the sub to the same folder with one of my movie file and change the sub file name according to the mov file… And when i opened the mov file, there was nothing on the window media screen, totally black. Then i deleted the sub, the mov played well.
    I dont get it

  153. I renamed my Arabic subtitle file as the movie name and it appears while I run my media player the only problem is that I get an unknown format like it is Chinese or something like that, does anybody know why?!

  154. Hi. my problem is i cant seen to open the file once its downloaded …it just comes as a blank file….my winrar works fine with other files…and i have tried with other extraction software…..any advice much appreciated…

  155. my movie doens’t play anymore once I put the subs with the movie.
    Without them the movie plays. It happens the most with Axxo and fxm their movies.
    Does anyone else have this problem?

  156. Jonas, I do have the exact same problem that you do. at least with Windows Media Player. I use VobSub, and the movie just won’t play if the subtitle is added. but it plays fine with the subtitle when I switch to Divx Player or BS Player.

    The other huge problem that I get is that it seems like when subtitle is added, certain movies have their audio affected. like either the sound becomes too inaudible, or it is distorted. Does that happen to you?

  157. Hello,
    help me please:
    1. I use MPC for watching downloded movies. I know how to watch them with subtitles when I’m connected to the internet but I don’t know how to save them together for burning on dvd for example.
    I didn’t understand the short explanation movie.

    2. I downloded Apocalypto and when I use the subtitles database it found me only polish subtitles.

    3. The MPC doesn’t read the hebrew subtitles proparly.

    What should I do ? Can you help me ??
    Thank you for help.

  158. Hi,

    I’m using VLC player to watch a complete season of a TV series and all the subs for each episode differ from the video. The video is a bit slower than the subs so it starts off nicely but little by little the subs keep appearing too early and by the end of the episode the subs have already appeared a minute before the actual lines.

    So far I have been correcting it with the “Advance of subtitles over video” function by changing it by like 5 seconds every minute. I’ve tried to use the “Speed of the subtitles” function but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the speed of the subtitles. Am I doing it wrong or is there just no way adjust the speed? Also I haven’t been able to find a way to fasten the video by just a little so it could keep up with the subs.

    Any help would be much appreciated! 🙂

  159. Hi!

    sry!I have a question!i hope u can solve my problem….
    I want to watch 2 subtitles,AT THE SAME TIME…
    e.g english and persian,for improvement of my english speaking and vocabulary…

    is there anyway for it??

  160. sir please let me know how to play these subtitles in dvd player ? in computer these options work fine in vlc player, but what is to be done when i need to watch movie on my tv using dvd player. is there ne way to embedd subtitles in movie. pls help. thanks

  161. Hi ,

    I’ve done all above , I’ve renamed the *.srt file and I opened both files movie file and SRT file in VLC , but it didn’t work , the movie was playaed without any subtitle . it seems that windows did not recognize the .srt files . please guide me through

  162. Hi

    I am Watching Vedio with Subtitle But the problem is Vedio turn into Updown site its happen if only subtitle file in the same directory what can i do plz someone tell to me

  163. Sorry for making such as this question. How do I “rename” the subtittle?? Because I’ve been trying a lot and it can’t be renamed, unless no into a rar file.

    Pleeaase! somebody help me.

  164. How do I put an additional subtitle for a movie that is already in DVD format that I’ve downloaded recently since the movie has only Spanish subtitle and I want to put the downloaded English subtitle. Should I convert the movie first into an AVI file and add the said subtitle, then convert it back into it’s original DVD format? Please help, how will I do it?

  165. I downloaded the subtitle and put it into the same folder as the movie.Then opened Neroshowtime,select to play that movie folder and hey presto the subs are perfect and in sync.Just have to figure how to get both onto a dvd now.

  166. Extract your downloaded subs file with Alzip,came out as a .srt file.By the way it’s free and a great little tool.

  167. hi,
    I am not able to find 2CD subtitles for the movie ” My Brother Nikhil “. Only 1 Cd is available. Plz give me the link for 2 CD.

  168. Hello, i have problems with subs. I´m from Greece and i downloaded the greek subs..but subs go faster than the movie ! I did what the developer said, i renamed the file and then i played the movie, but still the subs go faster than the movie. Please help me ! 🙁

  169. I have VLC player and I want to watch movies with a japanese subs
    I can use english subs no problem its just the japanese ones that wont work. any help is appriciated. thanks

  170. hello, i got a problemi know how to put the subs on, and they work, but everytime i put subs on som kinda green line comes on my video, i tried many players and still doesnt work, help please!

  171. My problem is that I download videos from youtube and some of them have subs from the cc button. When I download them and play ’em on the flv player, the subs are not there. How do I download the subs with the srt thing?

  172. ok, i got the 1st step, that i have to rename the file into ”……srt”, but my problem is: where can i find thin ‘window” with the ‘movie.avi’ above the subtitle-file, so that i can finally rename it???

  173. I have film made of 4 parts and only one subtitles for that film how can i make subtitles not to stop after 1. part and resume them where they end in 1. part when watching second part? THX

  174. hi, there are any program for synchronize the film with the subtitles? I’ve the movie, but subtitle have an advance about 15 seconds. Thanks

  175. hey tq for the subtitle
    it’s really helping especially when watching dvd.
    the audio is really slow and with subtitles help me better.

  176. I was found out only russian subtitles for isreal film Ha Sodot. But when I look at this subtitles this is not russian language!!! I ,ve looked at some other subtitles which should be in russian or bulgarian (which both are in cyrylic of course )and all I,ve seen are not in russian or bulgarian language at all.So how it, s possible to read these subtitles?You are not in able to read the words,they are strange and funny:) Is this beacuse we use latin alphabet. What can I do to change this to really russian language to be possible to read it?

  177. Another dumb question, but where it is the change in the subtitle srt of BS.Player but I have to open the loading of subtitles will not let me without opening the movie first.
    Thank you

  178. the movie file that i download is .rmvb, which mean, i played it using Real Player…how to attach the subtitle to the movie file..thank you

  179. Hei,
    My VLC media player sends me error like this / No suitable decoder module:
    VLC does not support the audio or video format “RV40”. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.
    when I try to open move file and subtitle file.
    What is wrong?

  180. For arabic subtitles with wmp
    1) Unzip your file on your desptop
    2) right lick on it and choose open with Microsoft document and choose arabic windows
    3) ctrl+a and copy all and open a note pad and paste it there and save it as text but UNICODE…rename the file to the same movie file name. and save it in the same folder. Double click on the NFO file and ignore the message and then run the movie..enjoy

  181. hi guys
    i have a small prob viewing subtitles of my Band of Brothers DVD when I play it in works fine in wmp11 ,but in kmplayer i cant see it. any ideas anyone?

  182. @katarzyna
    In BSplayer, after the film and subtitles have been downloaded, pause the film. Open BS preferences / subtitles / Font / Script. Choose Cyrillic from the list. Save.
    That’s all. Enjoy HaSodot.

  183. “JetAudio” is One of the best free video players.
    You forgot it. Please add it to “download GOOD video player”

  184. hi ,
    Thanks for the subtitles in this site
    i have found all the movie in this site
    but my problem is i am unable to play the srt file and .avi file together at the same time
    i mean i am getting the subtitles before he voice or after the person voice

    please replt for this solution i need very urgent

  185. Hello,

    I’d rented the CD of movie “Where Eagles Dare” some days back. Since I was unable to watch it instantly, I’d copied it and saved it on my PC. Now, I’ve it save in .dat format and want to watch it with English subtitles. Is there any way I can do it? If there is, please let me know ASAP. Thanks!!!

  186. Thanks for replying os but I’m yet not getting it. Can you please explain it in detail if at all you don’t mind?

    Once again, thanks loads for replying. You guys are really doing a great job.

  187. Ron, here is guide:
    1. copy .dat file to your hardrive (should be around 700 MB)
    2. rename .dat to .mpg
    3. add in same folder subtitles, so you will have movie.mpg and (or .sub as subtitles)
    4. use guide as is written in article – just open mpg in media player classic and thats it.

    Of course you can open .dat in any good media player, it will recognize it is mpg1 (VCD) and you can attach subtitles then (subtitles -> browse for subtitles or something like that). Just give a try.

  188. jeoren: Media Player Classic can open IFO files (index files for vob files), so you open IFO, and then you attach subtitles, or just follow the guide.

  189. doing the renaming doesnt work on my vlc, i have a mac im not sure if thats the reason, i have to manually upload the sub file form the open file window. i have a question, can i edit the sub file? for correction purposes? i want toshow some moveis in spanish with spanish subtitles for a class and many times what its beeng said is not whats in the subs and thats annoying for me but confusing for the students.

  190. Hello

    I’ve downloaded the movie láventure cést l’aventure from mininova and the subtitles from this site. What should i do to burn a dvd with both(movie and srt subtitles

  191. Alejandro: it should work in mac also, I just tried it. Make sure you have latest version, movie.avi and in one folder. Also you can edit subtitles, just open it in some text editor. If you want edit I use Subtitle Workshop, on windows, I am sure for mac also exists some nice program, just google “subtitles editor mac”

    Francisco: I wrote article about ConvertXtoDVD – they have some 20% off on their software, read here more:

  192. alejandro: Renaming does work. If it doesn’t then it’s not being renamed properly. I use VLC all the time on my mac and have no issues, but you need to make sure the renaming is *EXACTLY* the same except for the extension (or the language andextension, like “”) and you also need to make sure you enable the subtitles by going to the “Video” menu and selecting the subtitles (if the submenus in “Subtitles” are enabled, they would say “Track 1” or “Subtitle 1”, if there are subtitles available).

    As for editing subtitles you can use either Jubler or Subs Factory, in mac. There are others, but these work great.

  193. where can I find the Download Subtitle Workshop – I need it to find out how to synchronize any sub-titles that are out of sync.

  194. hello i tried today open subtitles for the first time, i found it amazing, but i have a problem, the movie is faster 5 sec than subtitles what can i do

  195. I’ve got a Windows Media Player. All fine searching for sub-titles with right speed matching dialogue delivery. Just couple of problems.

    1) Recently downloaded Ben Hur in two parts. Got the exact matching subs in SRT format. Problem is while CD2 plays well with subs on WMP, CD1 does not even start. Remove subs and all goes well. What seems the problem? Similarly, Curse of the Golden Flower, exact file names, subs matching, but the movie refuses to play with titles on. Remove subs from the folder or change the name and it plays, of course without subs.

    2) How do I make subs appear in my DivX enabled Philips DVD player? Subs just don’t get flash there. Nor are there any options to view them. How do I burn to have them played on my said DVD player?

  196. this is a great site
    where do we find the answers to some of the questions? i’m particularly looking to unscramble the chinese subtitles when i download. i see the same questions 2-3 times above but no reply.
    please advise
    i’m using windows vist, and windows media player.

  197. One fundamental piece of information is missing from this video: the names of the subtitle file and the movie need to be EXACTLY THE SAME for the player to automatically use the subtitle file.
    But thanks so much…couldn’t have figured this out without your help!!

  198. I tried to follow the same instructions as above. I use the VLC player. Strangely, the srt files didn’t work out for me but it was another kind of file named SUB file. Don’t know if anyone has heard of it. Anyway, is there a more detailed instruction? Like do you need to open the VLC first then go open file and click add subtitles or something? Cuz i tried lot’s of ways and it didn’t work out. Please help me out here. Thnx.

  199. HELP . . . HELP . . . HELP !
    What can I do to be able to read the Chinese subtitles (BIG5 or BG) in my movie? I am using VLC and MPC. It just shows up as a bunch of weird characters like machine codes or something instead of the Chinese characters I was hoping.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  200. Ted,

    Use the latest version of VLC.

    Make sure the sub files (whatever format (.srt/.sub/.idx/etc) share the exact same name as the video (ex movie.avi and movie.sub) and that they are in the same folder together.

    Now play the video in VLC Player and click on ‘Video > Subtitle Track > and enable the track.

  201. Oh, and if you have .sub subtitle file you should also have an .idx subtitle file too. As far as i know they need to be together in the same folder and named the same as the video (ex: movie.mp4 and movie.sub & movie.idx) in order to work right.

  202. help! I made everything as is was written, but there are 3 green stripes on the film if i play it w subtitles. without subt its ok. with other subt, the same stripes come. why is it?

  203. hi there, i really need somebodys help….. every time i change the file name to srt then play the movie subtitles come up but in a complete different text…. its like a code text or something!! you can see that the subs are there buts its not even a language when it shows…. Help please????

  204. going through this lot gives me a headache,and we’ve got the same problem….mine is i want to put polish subs into the films that i download for the girlfriend(keeps her quiet) and then burn them straight on dvd, after reading most of these it seems like everyone watchs films on their pc/mac i just want to say that i DONT i just copy them straight to dvd and thats that,…reading more and peoples going on about srt’s cd 1 cd 2 but the movies im downloading hasnt got any of these files what so ever just an avi. EXAMPLE BELOW

    > AUDiO……[ MP3 48000Hz 128 kb/s CBR (2 chnls)
    > LANGUAGE…[ English
    > ViDEO……[ 962 kbps XviD 23.976 FPS
    > Q. FRAME…[ 0.168 bits*pixel
    > RESOLUTiON.[ 660 x 362
    > DAR……..[ 1.823 (31:17)
    > SUBS…….[ None
    > FiLES……[ 1
    > SiZE…….[ 700 MB
    > SOURCE…..[ DVD
    these movies are perfect and i dont want to bugger up the quality of these by putting subs in ,so what must i do eg software,i hear createxdvd or something like that is good for the good,any help would be gratefull indeed ta….

  205. ah thats just an example to the post ive just put up,when i open the folder that contains the film its just an avi thats what i meant to say…..

  206. hy people,
    may somebody help me finding italian or english subs of “what’s up, doc?”?
    who tells me where, wins my gratitude B)

  207. i have succesfully downloaded the movie… Harry Potter and the sorcer’s stone and the subtitles but the movie can’t accept. VLC can’t recognise the subtitles./……..:( what can i do?

  208. i change subtitle property name by adding .srt after mooviee name but even after i am not able to see subtitles.

  209. good evening;
    when we have 2 srt files, i try to rename both with the same name and the computer dont accept. How to do? when i have only one avi file


  210. i’m watching a movie that is a dvd, the movie isn’t a file. is there a way to get the subtitles to work when its on a dvd?

  211. If you have a movie file such as avi, or rmvb type, and you have two srt file, the only way you can see both subtitles is to combine the two files together.

    If you open the file using word pad and you see that each subtitle line started with a sequence number, followed by a start-end time of that line. The time in each of the two srt files should be 95% identical.

    One can combine them by hand but this will take a few hous. The other is to write a program to combine the two files and this is what I have done.

    It works great.

  212. hello! i got a litle problem, am dowmloading subitles for police academy but synchronize (speech and title) are completly diferent with delay. ive try to download almopust 50 same titles and still am stuck. tell me pls is there any other way to correct that ??? and becides .srt can it be .sub . if you can pls send me answer to my mail am very gratidue for youre help thank you

  213. hi frnds,
    i have a avi movie and in the same directory a i have a nfo file conating the subtitles .whn i rename it with the .srt and try to load it in the vlc player .it shown a error, plese gve me some solution

  214. I just can´t put the movie and the subtitles together!

    i´ve already renamed them but i just don´t know how to put them together!
    is there any program that can do it?

  215. Hello developer,
    i usually download the movie in one web-site and download the subtitles in the other. the problem is (usually) that if i download them in different website they don’t sync and the subtitles often appear 2-5 seconds after they are suppose to, how do i delay the appears of the subtitles? and the opposite?
    Secondly, how do I name a few different subtitle languages in the same name? (the comp says you cant)

  216. Hello developer,
    i usually download the movie in one web-site and download the subtitles in the other. the problem is (usually) that if i download them in different website they don’t sync and the subtitles often appear 2-5 seconds after they are suppose to, how do i delay the appears of the subtitles? and the opposite?
    Secondly, how do I name a few different subtitle languages in the same name? (the comp says you cant).
    Thanks alot
    and thank you for the great website

  217. Hey – to all those with synchronization problems and repetetive questions on how to synch subs with a movie – the answer is actually was given earlier in the thread. Subtitle Workshop! most movies synch up in few clicks.
    here’s a typical scenario – movie is 25 fps, subtitle is at pal/europe speed of 23.976. Preview the movie – you’ll see the discrepancy. Ok, in second drop down box type new speed 23.976, hit enter, change back to time mode if it changed to frames. Notice – the timings changed. Load movie preview again… see if it’s the right synchronization. Other popular speeds are 23.978, 29.760. (for more on fps in different formats (NTSC, secam, pal, etc – see wikipidea). I’ve dealt with a lot of european movies, they typically need 23.976 as new value in sub workshop.
    Also, if it’s a matter of simple synchronizaton with no FPS speed discrepancies – a monkey can synch it up with this program – open video preview, wait till the first words are spoken, pause, notice the timing – this is your end timings for the first line in subtitles. do a simple math (addition, subtraction) , select all, enter the delay difference.
    It really is not hard and very intuitive. I am so surprised you guys are having problems out there.
    By the way, the program also merges subtitles. Splitting subtitles is again a matter of three-four clicks. (select/delete unneeded – save as, and repeat for part two or three).
    And yes, start using VLC, it’s the better player.
    And if you have troubles watching AVIs – make suure you downloaded and installed latest codec packs. google video codec pack download or somethhing.
    This site has the absolute best web collection of subtitles. Wish it was a bit more stable server and collection grew even more and more towards better cinema, away from hollywood crap, eh well.

  218. Yes, But what is the actual writing which you have to put before the first subtitle to delay or fasten the subtitle. (can you give an example please)

  219. Amirt… umm, actually, if you like to type, then instead of menu ctrl+B (select all), then ctrl+D
    TYPE in the offset (again, please read above –
    if it’s a matter of simple synchronizaton with no FPS speed discrepancies… open video preview, wait till the first words are spoken, pause, notice the timing – this is your end timings for the first line in subtitles. do a simple math (addition, subtraction) , select all, enter the delay difference.)

    I am not sure what writing you are referring to – if the subtitles are 10 seconds ahead, subtract 10 seconds (EDIT _ SET DELAY menu, or ctrl+D) . etc, etc. that is you type a number 10 in seconds field… *cough*

    tip – use end timings in the subtitles, this synchs the dialogue more properly.

    Start with the basic stuff, please. I think you better download the program first… then open your subtitle file. I don’t think you’d have questions like these after you’ve done at least that.


  220. I like to watch my movies on the TV.
    I use the DIVX player to burn avi files, but can I also burn the srt files with it?

    I use DVD-R if that makes a difference?


  221. good morning, if i play my hard disk drive player connecting to the t.v. through rca cable. when the subtitle display becomes 3 paragraphs the 1st paragraph will just hang and display on the screen and there is no way to remove it. how do you go about this? thanks

  222. I meant:
    What program you recommend i download in order to delay the subtitles from appearing on the screen?

  223. thanks alot for the vedio and thanx 4 every one it’s really great and helpfull
    thank you very much
    i’m omar from Egypt

  224. Can somebody help me?
    I have 2 sub files but only 1 movie file.
    I downloaded “Subtitle Workshop”, as you all said, but i don’t know what to do after….how to combine them.!
    It would be helpful if someone could give me direct instructions…!

  225. Subtitle Workshop -Tools -join subtitles
    can’t be any easier
    Best player VLC – Plays everything, drop movie file in it, drop sub file and watch

  226. Hi!
    I have the original DVD of Roseanne and I have downloaded the subtitles. Is there any way I can see the subtitles without burning a new DVD. I have tried with VLC media player but it doesn´t work. Can anyone help me? Thank you!

  227. Hi i dont know if this the place to ask but i have some spanish videos that i would like to have put with english subtitles but i cant speak spanish so i am not sure if there is a way that it can atomatically read and then put subtitles on the video. If you know let me know thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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  229. Re ti pathame, tzampa egrafa tosh wra… Oso sixainomai na grafw me greeklish, toso yparxoun akoma sites pou den yposthrizoun ta ellhnika! Ftou!