Improvements for hearing impaired

Today, I decided I will code something, so I remembered to one topic in our forum, where user MisterHarbies asked for help to deaf people. Actually, it is better use trac for suggestions, but I accept this too, ofcourse. Now, when searching, you can select, if you want subtitles for Hearing Impaired in advanced settings. Search results and subtitle details are marked with small icon. Of course, upload page and report page was updated too. XMLRPC API have to wait a little bit.

Currently, there are 16025 subtitles for hearing impaired. Technically speaking, I just parsed all subtitle files, and if more than 3 occurences of “[…]” was inside, I marked subtitles for hearing impaired, not the best, but good start I hope.

Also good news is, it seems we hacked a little bit httpd config, so site should work a lot faster šŸ™‚

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  1. I have just discovered this possibility of matching subtitles to downloaded movies… I am excited, but I wonder if one can also ownload subtitles in the same language of the original movie, dialogues in English with subtitles in English, sort of a transcription…. It would be great for studying the ƃĀ²enguage. The French TV5 already does this, but I can’t record their subtitled flms because their subtitles are through televideo and so it’ impossible. Thanks a lot!

  2. Tomoko:

    You can download subtitles in any language they’re available. I always download subtitles in english for english-spoken programs. If the subtitles are available you should be able to download them, no matter the language.

  3. it has non usa format how can i get to english caption for deaf people it doesnt have subtitles on dvd boxed sets i was very disappointed what can i do wiht it? tell me please.. Thanks

  4. This is awesome site.

    I’m deaf person and search some more srt because some of my stupid DVD without english subtitles.

    I have succesful made into my new DVD with subtitles.

    You know for deaf impared like this […] I find sometime it annoyed if too much. It ok like this door [Creak] but no need name person like [John] etc etc


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