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After some talk with lighttpd guru at irc, we together optimized its configuration. I also removed some ugly SQL querries, some of them are cached in memcache, thumbnails should be loaded faster, sphinx is doing its job… I can say, now opensubtitles is prepared for five thousands of visitors at same time, we will see, when we have new record šŸ™‚

Bad news is – we have packet lost between web and db server. This usualy means, web server cannot connect to database or memcache – try reload page. We are working on that, but it seems, we have to ask for new ethernet card, or something like that. Funny thing is – this is happening, when many users are online. If you want see our packet lost:

469 packets transmitted, 431 packets received, 8.1% packet loss

This is really weird on ethernet network…

We also want hear your impressions – do you think site is faster than before ?

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  1. Great ! New features, very very faster speed, I love it !

    Had the packet lost bug twice, but I don’t care. F5 and everything’s back !

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