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Last days was painful. Not only to you, when you can not access opensubtitles – page was not loaded, you got overload error or…, but also to me, when I was doing everything to get things in right order. Now we can say – it was worth of it. Too bad, it wasn’t ready 3 days ago, during weekend, when are peak times…

So what’s happened? We are using mysql in our database servers, and one of the “good” things in mysql 5.1 is, it sometimes hangs up, when is query_cache enabled. This is not-so-known “feature”, when running on FreeBSD servers. So we run our servers without query_cache, which is really important, so we have to move our cached data to memcached.

Website was slow, because “slow database”, it just don’t have enough speed to answer around 1000-2000 queries per second. Problem with databases (after optimizing SQL queries, indexes, setup of mysql…) is usually access time to a data. We upgraded storage to SAS 15k raid1, downgraded mysql to 5.0, and added some CPU power.

Now it seems, website is loading in lightning speed, so I hope this will last at least next couple of months. Next server side thing is – we will upgrade FreeBSD to 8.0, which should give more power to running applications.

Now I can more focus on coding new features 🙂

UPDATE: Now database server is running FreeBSD 8.0, after installing it didn’t boot, so it takes couple of hours to fix this issue. Hopefully there won’t be anymore downtime like this.

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  1. Sorry to tell you,
    but its still very slow…
    besides, when i try to search something, it says:

    CONTACT ADMIN: Query failed: connection to failed (errno=61, msg=Connection refused).

  2. Not meaning to sound repetitive, but….

    Query failed: connection to failed (errno=61, msg=Connection refused).

    That’s been hitting me since yesterday :((

  3. > sure it will change. But question is, what do you expect to change.

    I expect it will break current clients. What about API versioning?

  4. yes, there was firewall on new installation, now it works.

    lv4206: of course it will not break current clients. API versioning will be later.

  5. iv426: Historically changes haven’t affected clients. I don’t see what makes you think they’d start now.

    API versioning is just one of several improvements that could be done, but distrusts against existing evidence is not necessary.

  6. Guys, whatever I am doing during registration of new user, I am not getting an email from your server (no, email is not in spam, lol). I tried 2 different registrations, with 2 different email addresses. I tried to send forgotten password, with no success. Please, can you take a look into a let me know? Thank you.

  7. Just wanted to congratulate you for the quality of dev and support you’ve provided with your amazing website.
    Your work is so serious that is pushed me to start translating subs in my native langage.

    Keep continuing 😉

    Best Regards


  8. RE: OSCAR – Are there any other Subtitle servers (sites) that are known to work with OSCAR?

    When trying to get into OPENSUBTITLES, I often get “must Wait to log in” error message (I’m paraphrasing), even after 30 minutes of waiting.

    I just want some options and I can’t find any other servers on my own that are known to work with OSCAR 10.1. THANKS!

  9. There are no other subtitle servers, which can work with oscar, AFAIK. Our servers for API are often overloaded, we just ordered next servers, to keep this traffic, so it should work.

    now it should work also, but it is very slow (we know…)

    In worst case, try to use website.

  10. Already trying website… Thanks, though. I was trying to use a porgram to make certain I’d get the correct Sub without having to figure out Hash on my own. Good lluck with the servers, I understand all about “server loads”. Too bad you couldn’t outsource your database to other hosts the way TUCOWS does with their files.

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