Servers upgraded

Now database server is running FreeBSD 8.0, after installing it didn’t boot, so it takes couple of hours to fix this issue. Hopefully there won’t be anymore downtime like this.

Merry XMAS with year stats is now hosted on 4 servers (1 db server, 3 webservers). We changed also handling of sessions to separate memcached daemon.

Upgrade: PHP5 and other stuff

Today we’ve upgraded PHP4 to PHP5. It is caused by bad communication with web server 2 and db server, so we redirect traffic from web2 to other servers.

Packet lost solved

240 packets transmitted, 240 packets received, 0.0% packet loss Yes, it seems so, we solved this problem, big thanks to DanGer. No more 500 errors.

Movie FPS, sub format, upgrade

On internet exists some funky Polish subtitle formats like TMPlayer (tmp) and MPL2 (mpl), so I’ve added them – now our Polish friends should be possible upload subs in these formats too.

New fulltext search

I decided to bring online new fulltext search engine – sphinx. After some days of work, debugging and so on, we can say – it works. I hope now website will be a little faster.

Servers upgrade summary

Some of you might have already noticed that didn’t work for past couple of days correctly. This was due to the move to a new hardware and new operating system version of our servers at collocation.

New servers are ONLINE

We are proud to inform you that we have upgraded all 4 servers to a new hardware, which means site should work better and faster. If you encounter any problems, just let us know.

Next web server

We ordered and setuped next web server for One webserver was not so powerfull as first one, so when you get data from this one, site was slow.