5 Best Ways to Bypass the Netflix Block in 2021

You may have heard about Geo-blocking but are not quite sure what it is. But you have most probably felt its effects. You may be searching for content on the online platform. You find the site you know has the relevant information. 

However when you click on it, you find a message saying that the content is not accessible in your location.  Streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix use geo-blocking. You may find that some shows are available in one country and not in another.  

The situation applies even though you are paying for the subscription. The good news is you have ways you can bypass such blocks.  

 Our article will show you 5 best ways to bypass the Netflix block in 2021.  

Methods You Can Use To Bypass the Netflix Blocks In 2021

Netflix will block some of its contents due to copyright and licensing issues. It is a company that uses a lot of production houses for its content. It is therefore not possible for them to offer their content to all locations. 

Exclusivity rights may apply from country to country. You may therefore find that you cannot receive some material. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot access such content with a few clever tricks. Read on for some ways to bypass the Netflix block in 2021.  

1. Install an SSL Proxy

A proxy server, in its simplest definition, is an intermediate between you and remotes servers. It is an online computer that has its IP address. It acts as a gateway that sieves and filters content.    

You also get privacy and anonymity because it hides your IP address. When you type in a request, it goes to the proxy server. The proxy Server then uses its IP address to send your request to the remote server. 

In this way, it masks or shields your IP address.  SSL proxies offer greater security when online. It also allows you access to restricted content on sites like Netflix.  

The SSL proxy fools the website by hiding your location.  It gives an impression that you are in one geographical site, while you could be miles away. 

2. Use A VPN

A VPN works a lot like a proxy server. It allows you to conceal your identity when online. If you want to access Netflix, you will need to use a VPN server connection within the US.  The VPN will give you an IP address that shows you are within the US. 

You also have the option of choosing the location to show as the source of your internet traffic. Your internet service provider will not be able to tell where your traffic is going. They can, therefore, not interfere or block it in any way. 

 Do note, not all VPNs can bypass the Netflix restrictions. The company is very much aware that individuals use different methods to bypass the restriction. They have therefore put into place measures to stop such.  

When shopping for a VPN, be specific about needing to use it to bypass Netflix restrictions. NordVPN, for example, is a good choice for this functionality.  

3. Download Free Extensions

 You will find some free extensions that can allow you to bypass restrictions. The functionality you get from some of them will depend on your browser. Such extensions include:-

  •  Proxy for Netflix that works with Chrome
  •  Proxmate that only works on Firefox
  •  Mediahint that works with Firefox and Chrome
  • Hola that works on any browser. This particular extension has become very popular because it is free. It is also a peer-to-peer platform, so you get tons of updates. 
  • + Sub if you want subtitles from service OpenSubtitles

Do note, some of the extensions may have a cost implication. You should also do your research well before downloading any of them. Take the time to read customer reviews before deciding on the best one for you. 

4. Use the Tor Browser

Tor or onion router is a browser on its own. It also gives you access to other websites. It is a free platform and will shield your IP address. You get anonymity, but it has its disadvantages. You may experience slow speeds. It also does not have security features like you’ll get with an SSL proxy. 

5. Use a Smart DNS or DNS Changer 

DNS stands for domain name system. When you type in a URL, you typically use text.  However, communication via the servers is through a series of numbers. Every time you connect to the net, your internet service provider (ISP) configures your internet to its DNS server. By doing this, they can block certain sites or entries.  

A Smart DNS proxy will hide your IP address while allocating a US one to you.  Your internet speeds remain consistent because it does not encrypt your data.

Smart DNS may also replace part of your request to the remote website.  It uses a location identifier, which Netflix will allow. It is important to note that a Smart DNS will not hide your IP address completely. 

What it does is mask the DNS address your server has allocated to you.  Ensure you have necessary security measures in place because it does not encrypt data.  While it is faster, you may expose yourself to vulnerabilities like hacking.  

A DNS changer will hide your location, so that Netflix cannot determine where you are streaming from.  

Final Thoughts

Geo-blocking allows companies like Netflix to safeguard their intellectual property. There are, however, ways to bypass the restrictions. 

 We have highlighted some of the ways above.  You have the option of using proxy servers.  An SSL server will give you additional security even as it gives you access to restricted sites.  Other options include the use of VPN and SmartDNS. 

 Take the time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method.  We have highlighted a few, but it helps to arm yourself with more knowledge.  You want to ensure security by choosing a method that will encrypt your data. 

Hackers are always on the lookout for areas of vulnerability.  You do not want to make their job easier by exposing yourself unnecessarily.  

Otherwise, go ahead and use one of the methods we have shared. You can now get to access your favorite Netflix shows. 

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