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User Pko on forum asked me, if it is possible to create new statistics – how much subtitles downloads has user for last 6 months and for last 30 days. So now we can see, which users are really helpful to community. I know, there is hard to say, which subtitles has higher price – some world wide hollywood movie – which downloads exceed some thousands, or some bollywood or underground movie.

Also you can see at statistics page one more “graph” – I was interested in how much hashes are submitted per day. Enjoy new stats 🙂

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  1. What about distinguishing uploaded subtitles as files from uploaded subtitles linked to video files?

    The second ones are much, much, MUCH more useful for users of SD and other hash-based tools. I know I only upload subtitles I know are matched to existing video files and that have been verified by me. This means I upload very few, but they are all guaranteed.

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