Introducing Firefox Subtitle Matcher addon

Today I’d like to introduce you really nice addon to our lovely Firefox browser. As it is written in heading – it is Subtitle Matcher addon. You can download it from Mozilla (you have to be logged in) or from authors page. I will not show you, how to install extension to firefox, everybody should know – and who doesn’t knowm brief guide: click on install extension, edit options at right top of window, click allow, click close, click install extension, wait and click install, restart ff.

Firefox Subtitle Matcher addon can do following things (in its 0.2.1 version) – just open movie file:

  • search for perfectly matched subtitles on using unique hash for any language
  • redirect to page using API
  • search for polish subtitles on and

Here is small video how it works:

Tip: you can click at OS icon at bottom of Firefox, also when you can not open input window for file selection, try disable some addons and restart firefox. We hope you enjoy this nice addon, more will come!

Also if you are thinking we have hollydays, just look at opened and closed tickets at our trac.


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  1. Nice tool.

    One little bug (maybe only on Firefox 3?): The status bar button has a strange behavior – sometimes it fires on right click, sometimes on left click, but mostly it doesn’t react at all.

    Also, I would prefer to get rid of the Tools menu entry because that menu tends to get very cluttered when you have several extensions. The status bar icon could do both: “open” dialog with left click, menu with right click.

  2. This version doesnt support the Firefox 3.0

    If u have an updated version for Firefox 3.0 pls upload it.Its really a useful addon.I am really mising it in Updated version

  3. The last link above displays the message “This account had started too much scripts. Script ‘subtitle_matcher_firefox_extensions.php’ will not be started…”

    Any other link for the ff3 extension?

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