Request area


I wanted to code request area from scratch. You should ask why – I will tell you – it is simple. Request area have some really weird SQL code (some sub-querries) and it locks database, so whole sites works slower (or even did not work). So I have to disable request area of time being.

Also me, and some of you are missing features there, so here I come with idea, how to make it better. Here is list what new request area should contain / support:

  • searching/filtering by name of movie, language…
  • sorting by name, number of requests, user, latest request, imdb rating…
  • displaying “my requests”
  • other things which old request area contains

If you are think I am missing something, let me know and I will think about that. I have to create 2 new tables for this feature though…It seems this weekend I don’t finish it, maybe next one…

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