New SubDownloader collaborator

Today Tanel Liiv from Estonia will join our team of Python programmers to help SubDownloader development be faster.
I hope this new python star will unblock the project in the GNU/Linux part.
We are also keen to find more programmer or bloggers willing to talk about our idea and spread it out.

Welcome to the team Tanel.

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  1. I’m glad to join the team and I hope to give something back to the OS community. Going to devote all my coding time to this project 🙂

    Python is cross-platform, I don’t see what’s there to unblock:)


  2. Tubli!

    Loodan, et SubDownloaderiga saab hiljem ka kõiki OpenSubtitle lehel olevaid subtiitreid tõmmata mitte ainult neid mis SD-ga üleslaetud.

  3. We need to unblock the project. I mean, that because not so many people helping, the current developers cannot find so much free time to work on it. Anyway we do, but slowly.

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