SubDownloader is back!

It seems google adsense doesn’t like pages like these, so they completely disabled ads for and too. So only right and real domain is

XMLRPC API has 2 new methods

After some discussion with Majky (author of Oscar), we agreed on adding 2 new methods to XMLRPC API. One Method is SearchMoviesOnIMDB($token, $query), which returns array of movies from Next method is GetIMDBMovieDetails($token, $imdbid), which returns some nice information for given imdbid.

New SubDownloader collaborator

Today Tanel Liiv from Estonia will join our team of Python programmers to help SubDownloader development be faster. I hope this new python star will unblock the project in the GNU/Linux part.

SubDownloader wins his first prize

SubDownloader was chosen last week winner of the First Spanish University Open Source Contest. This is a good recognition of our work and our idea of making it open source.