Oscar is ready for translate

Great program OSCAR written by Majky is ready for translation. Today I’ve imported all strings (english, slovak, czech) to database, and it is accessible via translation module. So, if you are interested, just contact me, and I will create access for you to translation module. I think OSCAR deserves more than 3 languages 🙂

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  1. ang den person der har lagt harry potter ud som dansk tekst er en røv… et er jo langt fra den rigtige

  2. never heard of launchpad, thank you for the link, in future projects we will use it. If you want translate OSCAR, just contact me, and I will create access, so you should translate it (write your username, mail, and which language you want translate)

  3. wikisubtitles – I know that site, but I am not sure. Maybe I should talk to them and cooperate. Pitty is, I dont have time to do that for now.

  4. I’ll can try to translate Oscar for my language that is brasilian portuguese.
    Just mail me and told how I can do it!

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