SubDownloader wins his first prize

SubDownloader was chosen last week winner of the First Spanish University Open Source Contest

This is a good recognition of our work and our idea of making it open source. We got 1000€ and 2 subscriptions to Spanish Linux Magazines, very interesting.

We still need python programmers that would like to collaborate and donations and really good welcome.
Thanks very much to the people who made that contest possible and we hope they keep doing it over the years.

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  1. Congratulations for your software; (amerigo, I don´t need any subtitles cause I have Subdownloader NOW!, and you shouldn´t neither… )

    I would have LOVED to be that night that you guys sat around some beers and decided to create such an intelligent, simple and well done piece of softeware. My appreciation to your job, makes my day-by-day watching movies a pleasure since we don´t need to Hazzle no more with some divx site or crawl google for fetching Subtitles.

    Once more, from spain, You guys ROCK!

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