Host for API definitely changed

Hi everybody,

today we decided to definitely change the host for API requests (XML-RPC) to In other words – this means some outdated programs, which works with old host ( won’t work anymore. This change is done because we need to put API requests on different servers in easy way. So, if your program doesn’t work, try to go to preferences, and set the API XML-RPC URL path to

I wrote about this change in july 2009, changes was done on trac around 5 months ago and I sent mail to program developers around 2 weeks ago, so I believe, everything will be OK 🙂

We are working hard on adding next server, because in peak times, there is really bad response time. Also there will be some small ads in subtitles itself to monetize API traffic for common users.

Stay tuned

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  1. Please make a prominent note for subtitle poster to include the framerate of the subtitles, it’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING!

  2. Why would FPS be at all relevant? I fail to see this. I consider one of the most irrelevant parts of uploading subs, just after whether the original video is HD and for exactly the same reason: “FPS” is not a quality of a subtitle but of a video. Subtitles can relate to videos of different FPS easily.

    Not only it’s not the “MOST IMPORTANT” thing, it’s downright irrelevant for mostly all cases, to my eyes.

    If someone is knowledgeable enough to know about FPS then he/she should be using a program to download subtitles anyway.

  3. Eduo, I think you should be the Spokesman of – I just can not agree more.

    If somebody know what is FPS, he should definitely use the program.

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