Merry XMAS with year stats

First of all, I wish you merry XMAS and happy new year, let all of our dreams comes true and nothing bad happen. But you read this everywhere, so let’s focus to more important stuff. I wanted to write this article a long time ago, but as usually I had no free time, but I decided, today is Christmas, so it will be a little present for all of us. I will write about interesting stuff, so keep reading 🙂

Around month ago we added next webserver, site should be faster. is now hosted on 4 servers (1 db server, 3 webservers). We changed also handling of sessions to separate memcached daemon. We decided to use Varnish as proxy, it seems it is working quite well for basic stuff – handling cookies is a little bit tricky 🙂 From configuration – we also add next db server, should work as slave, so there will be hopefully more downtime, but it needs more work, which is not done yet.

I’d like to also let you know about some stats and facts about (1.1.2008 – 24.12.2008):

Google analytics stats for year 2008 (XMLRPC access is excluded):

  • 25,525,923 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 54,344,707 Visits from 230 countries
  • 210,968,180 Pageviews
  • 3.88 Pages/Visit
  • 31.99% Bounce Rate
  • 00:03:33 Avg. Time on Site
  • 45.91% % New Visits
  • most visitors come from: Hungary, Brazil, Poland, France, Portugal, Finland and Czech Republic
  • Browser popularity: Firefox 50%, Internet Explorer 40%, Opera 6%, Chrome 1%
  • 23% increase of visitors from January to December
  • 201,000 average daily visitors for last 30 days

Remember, here are not included stats from any program which use XMLRPC, or some scripts, because GA measuring is based on JS.

Some numbers from Internal statistics (357 days):

  • 243,108 users registered, average 680 /day,
  • 220,036 subtitles uploaded, average 618/day.
  • 32,909,326 subtitles downloaded, average 92182/day, 1 second = 1 download
  • in peak hours are on site 2000 web users and 1000 webservice users
  • site is translated to 36 languages
  • Queries per seconds in database: 30-850

Some facts from feedback:

  • average feedback rate: 4.1 (from 5)
  • most reported feedback: Compliment > Site content
  • total of 665 feedback items

XMLRPC UploadSubtitles() was changed, now you can upload subtitles without language parameter – language of subtitles will be detected based on subtitle contents. For next improvement in XMLRPC is SearchSubtitles(), now it supports FULLTEXT searching. We also add CheckMovieHash2(), InsertMovieHash(), GetComments(). I write article about Movie Identification.

Recently was added ranking system, also users who want enjoy site without advertisment, can donate some money and become VIP members. We added direct link for downloading subtitles to RSS feed. Request area was a little bit improved, now it should show requests in right language. We added IMDB suggest to search box in search page, just write IMDB number there, for example 1129442 and you get Transporter 3 🙂

Did you ever heard of Boxee ? I love it. Basically I am watching movies on my XBOX using XBMC, which is really nice piece of software. Boxee is opensource next-generation of media center based on XBMC, I really suggest you should try it. According their blog, they will open downloads for Max and Ubuntu users at 8. January 2009, if you can not wait, just drop me mail and I will send you invitation. Windows version is in very beta stage. Boxee was one of the reason why I bought MacBook black, and I am next happy Mac user (but still developing on Windows, shame on me… Why I am also writing this? Of course it must have something with subtitles. Boxee as some other programs supports among a lot of its great features nice implementation of – but it needs more work. So everybody who can code in Python and like Boxee are welcome to help to develop it. I think we will hear about Boxee a LOT in future.

Guys from VSO software are giving some gifts to users. If you don’t know what I am talking about, they made really nice (at least I use it personally and I like it) piece of software called CovertXtoDVD. This program allow add subtitles to DVD – so you have movie (AVI, MPG…), you have subtitles (sub,srt…) and now you want to make a DVD with subtitles (not rendered in movie). Some time ago I publish guide how to do that. And now comes good news – they offer 20% off of all of their products for Christmas. Just click here or use coupon ” XMAS2008 ” while checking out. Their other products include: CopyToDVD, BlindWrite, VSO PhotoDVD, VSO Inspector, Image Resizer. When coupon expire – we don’t know, I think it will be valid till end of this year, so if you are thinking making some order, now is right time 🙂

Offtopic: Sometimes we are going snowboarding to Livigno, it is really nice to place for relax, and also you can buy there cheap stuff like alcohol and so on. Livigno offer FREE SKI PASS for some days in season. We made for Livigno Apartments a booking with – they are nice guys, but just have pay attention on their page, you are on domain and they promote livigno appartements, but they best offer Tre Signore hotel is situated 50km far from Livigno in Santa Caterina…

Anyway, that’s all folks for now, at the beggining of new year I will go to holiday, so I will not develop anything new, but then I will be back in “work” and prepare something nice for you.

Enjoy XMAS and New Year time and be happy 🙂

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