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Today was another active day. I’ve added to search, report and upload pages – movie FPS. Basically – I wanted to disable this, because not everyone knows FPS of movie (and there is some technical issues), but there were some requests…

On internet exists some funky Polish subtitle formats like TMPlayer (tmp) and MPL2 (mpl), so I’ve added them – now our Polish friends should be possible upload subs in these formats too. Movie FPS and Subtitle formats are present in search page, so you will know a little more info about subtitles.

Also we have some news concerning packet loss. It is caused by high traffic on switch, so we ordered private 1 Gbit 5 port switch, so packet loss should be gone soon (also there will be some downtime for this, we are sorry). We hope after this issue everything goes smooth as it should – no more packet loss, no more session expiration, no more cannot connect to database… šŸ™‚

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  1. Why are a lot of subs showing up as 23.980fps? That’s wrong, that framerate isn’t really used.. 99% of those must be 23.976 fps!

  2. I agree with you, but I dont know why. For this confusions I never didn’t want this info submitted by users. What we can do ? Once a week run cronjob to check this info from submitted hashes…

  3. Well when I uploaded some subs with Subdownloader 1.2.9, the subs of 23.976fps were set to 23.980.
    I have no idea how it got this info – SubDownloader is before the time you added FPS to the site!

  4. ok, what I can see:
    – subdownloader did not send FPS information nor length about movie, you can use OSCAR – it sends these infos always
    – 23,980 has to be set manually, so someone request this via “correct subtitles”. If you want, you can set this to 23.976 using this function.

    Also I think, difference between 23.980 and 23,976 is really not much.

  5. Fantastic.btw,I have never seen 23,980 subs b4. In Subtitle workshop,it is only 976 and 978. Does that really exist? Of course “not much” here is fatal in the long run, imagine the movie stretching for hours.

  6. if we will count that, it is not much: 2 hours film = at end will be difference 28,8 frames, which is cca 1 second (23,980 vs 23,976).

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