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MySQL fulltext searching is not good. Webmasters know this – it is too slow for webs, which have more than 10 people on site 🙂 So I decided to bring online new fulltext search engine – sphinx. After some days of work, debugging and so on, we can say – it works. I hope now website will be a little faster. Some results still need to be improved, sorting is not working as I expect, and in search2 page give wrong number of subtitles (estimate in group…), and latest subtitle date is wrong too. But these fields is not so important, and maybe (I hope), this will be possible with some new version of Sphinx. If you get some errors, your feedback is welcome.

Also I coded a little feature, if you will write into search box something like “american pie 2007” you get latest american pie movie subtitles…

Enjoy 🙂

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