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Maybe you ask, where was before ? It was on visit on 😉 It seems google adsense doesn’t like pages like these, so they completely disabled ads for and too. So only right and real domain is Please also update your bookmarks and all linkings, thank you.

There are more and more developers, who like to add support of in their programs/scripts/applications/standalone players, so we wrote some FAQ for developers – check it out if you are interested.

At least, but not last, SubDownloader2 is out! Congratulations to capiscuas – main developer – it was hard work!

I had a little hollyday, now I am back in full strength, so prepare for some website bugfixes and all of those cool stuff you like…also we will soon move our servers, so maybe you will encounter some problems with site…

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  1. New(old) address doesnt remember my pass, even I didnt log out.
    I have to type it in over and over again, no matter I marked the ‘remember’ checkbox or not

  2. Worx better, now it forgets my pass at navigating on page, for example at clicking on ‘upload’ when on ‘search’ page. Weird.

  3. Well…no.
    there’s sthing around ‘upload’ section, at clickin on the button the loginname disappears.


  5. K, this is not fun.
    The site senses me as a hack attempt, while it forgets my pass between two clicks.
    If this error starts some automated ban procedure, I will be sad…

  6. Omerta – I maybe know whats going on, it is same issue we had before. Connection between web and db server is not 100 percent, we need buy private switch for that, and issue will gone. Now I cannot do nothing about that, I am sorry 🙁

  7. OS: The site has never been more unstable than these past weeks.

    I’ll repeat my offer: Do you want a mirror of the database or the XMLRPC procedures? It doesn’t need to be the full pages, maybe offloading the API for the DB just to more than one mirror may be enough to bring the response times to a better response.

    Maybe the token method could be hosted in a separate server and provide the best available mirror, so that’s used troughout the process?

    Also, knowing the status of the DB somewhere would help.

  8. Re-reading my comment it seems like it’s written in an upset tone. This is not my intention. I’m not complaining but trying to come up with a solution.

  9. eduo – no thanks for comments. Problems is, I am have big connection problems here, internet is often not working at all, so it is quite difficult reply and fix errors so soon like before. If you can, write me exactly what problems you encounter, so I can work on that, because here it works ok (I work with site 1 hour per day).

    Also thanks for offer, I will definitely will think about that, but first I have to fix old things, so servers become more stable.

  10. os, need your help.
    It is definitely urgent problem, that subs can be rated anonymously, some retards are continously destroying
    the moral of our constant uploaders, nowadays i’m getting messages, asking me to delete all of xy’s ALL uploads…
    Modify this feature please!

  11. Sorku: should work now
    Omerta: I will disable anonymous rating then. I have better idea about handling these bastards, but now no time to code that 🙁

  12. You could then disable anonymous ratings altogether. Few valid votes are better than hundreds of invalid ones. In places like IMDB or Amazon you can’t vote unless you’re logged in and this is the reason.

  13. Is it possible to change the upload possibility’s , so that only logged users could Upload something? I don’t now how it looks in other languages, but in Polish its annoying to look through tenths of useless subs Uploaded by Anonymous idiots. You shod write your nick when you Upload something.

  14. tuszyn, did ya become admin? If not, I’m asking os now with respect to promote you, you earned it.
    Then you can modify freely anything.
    But, hey, this is opensubtitles. Anyone can upload.
    I delete tons of horseshit day by day, but always comes valueable stuffs as well.

  15. for these purposes we have administrators, which should take care of this mess. Also ths system will be improved in future.

  16. Anonymous rating is still enabled. A translator gives 20 or more hours of his life to us, and an unnamed jerk ruins this sacrifice. os, please, do something.

  17. Omerta, anonymous can vote, but votes are not counted, try it ( just tried it:). I know this is not ideal, maybe onclick I will add login form…

  18. Polish users upload 1 subtitle/minute. This is crazy.
    Maybe tuszyn is right, it’s uncontrollable.
    Average upload/title is about 20. Jeez…
    They fuck the database, dont they?

  19. VoW, got it.
    Polish users upload their files with a mediaplayer software, called “ALLPlayer “, they just push the button, and junk comes.

  20. Omerta, good work, didnt know, there is upload feature already there. Anyway, I am in contact with AllPlayer developers, they seems as nice people. Problem is how we can solve this. There are tons of different subtitles for one movie, too much revisions and so on.

  21. HI guys, our new version ALLPlayer has automatic upload to the server the subs only in case where the subs are not there. It means that you get subs that are well displayed on the PC screen for at least 80% of running movie time. Of course that we could add some filters or adjustments but all was done according to SDK. We are open for your suggestions and want you to know that we have just launched 40K of the players and our aim is to get 1 mln soon. (Last version is used by 2 mln people)

  22. This problem could be seen in the horizon and it’s understandable. Any small modification would make a subtitle appear as different. If someone changes a character or fixes a typo it will be a new subtitle.

    I mentioned before, and still believe, there should be versioning handled in OS. There is no reason for so many subtitles per movie i n the database but to be able to do versioning some changes need to be made to the procedures. Maybe using Diff to know if there are enough changes in a subtitle to warrant a new version.

  23. Greetz, Andy.
    In my opinion the solution will be as follows:
    You must build a routine to your player which checks that your user is registered on opensubtitles or not.
    You must simply integrate an opensubtitles login form at your menu.
    It would work similar to SubDownloader. Or, hey, why dont you build in SubDownloader.
    You must see that this kinda upload doesnt lead anywhere but slows opensubtitles dataserver down to hell, yesterday I wasnt able up or download at all!

  24. Yep Omerta, I’ve got the same Problem already a few times.

    They Upload subs faster, then I delete can them. I’m not saying they are s***, but 85-95% are already Uploaded or nothing worth.
    Now, that People Upload by AllPlayer to, its impossible to keep track of the situation.

  25. all: lets move this to forum, please. Omerta: uploading by registered people is not systematic way how to prevent it. I understand what is the problem, and I am thinking about way how to deal with this, but first I want know your opinion what should be the best. It seems there doesnt exists no automatic way how to prevent that, only admins can do that.

    Also for server – if it will be needed I will buy next server.

  26. os.
    Site doesnt work.
    As an admin, I CANNOT disable, modify or upload anything, because continous upload (in fact, a FUCKIN STREAMING) hardly allows to check the main search page!!!
    Im sorry but I’m fuckin pissed off.

  27. I dont wanna be boring, and annoying, but strongly suggest to accept my proposition above, thanks.

  28. Omerta, you forgotten to add – so far. For 1 Movie (Hellboy 2) I’ve deleted that kind of number. And they just keep coming…
    Thats a “Sisyphean task”!

  29. I think eduo’s idea of setting up mirrors is excellent! Why carry all the load by yourself? After all the site is called OPENsubtitles…

    If you want to stay in control of the site, keep the visitors and the ads, just mirror the database. In the last few weeks/months, nearly every time I try downloading through Oscar, it hangs (error no session), or sometimes I does go through but then takes forever to download the subs, whereas I can usually download using the site (I occasionally get stuck or very slow access too, but way less often).

    It’s a pity because using Oscar is way faster, and more precise (saves manualling trying 5 desynchronized subs before getting the right one).

    I’ve been downloading subs for 10 years now (up until the infamous Episode 1 rip back in college!): your site is by far the best one, and with DB access it became the Ultimate Weapon… you achieved a huge success, so don’t let it rot because of trivial bandwidth limitations!!

  30. Ben, thanks for comment. We are doing some big modifications now, so sometimes server should be down or respond really slowly. There is bigger and bigger demand for subtitles, so some caching and optimalizations are neccessary. We are aware of that and working to solve this problem.

  31. I used to like to download subtitles here, but sadly this website is now a mousetrap. These hidden ads wherever we click are a real dirty thing to do, specially because several of them are not mere ads, but threats. Last month I tried to use the search field and there it was… that damn ad “congratulations! you’re number 1.000.000 winner shit”. This son of a bitch, when clicked, sends a virus to the user. Since my freaking Panda didn’t intercept it, I had to pay a tech guy to clean my system. Shame on you guys to use these hidden threats. And everyone else be careful because all links here have hidden ads, malware and other kinds of shit. Assholes.

  32. readysetgo: please can you mail me what you exactly get ? I am not aware of any viruses or something. I personally dont like those flash banners, but google adsense banned opensubtitles and there is no alternative for text advertising like adsense with similar revenue, so those banners is must. You can always use adblock or something, to block them.
    Also it is funny, this is first message about this, so I think you are wrong. Maybe some site just want put tracking cookie and your antivirus warns you…

  33. SubDownloader 1.2.9 – 17 Apr 07 unstable; urgency=low Changes:
    BUG – Fix in __init__ warning returning True
    BUG – Fix in new_translations_dates (
    BUG – Fix in
    BUG – Fix new_BitmapFromImage() in
    CHG – Removed the FLASH chat box. Not so useful and takes memory resources.
    NEW – Upload Tab in Options to disable the Image cover retrieval and the Windows after succesful upload.

    SubDownloader 1.2.8 – 26 Mar 07 unstable; urgency=low Changes:
    NEW – Image cover from IMDB displayed while uploading
    CHG – Tested internationalization
    NEW – Shell context menu possibility to remove or add
    NEW – VLC and MPLAYER integration, now you play the video with the subtitles automatically from Subdownloader.
    BUG – Bug issues

    Changes 1.2.6 released 2007-03-07
    BUG – In some internationalisation messages.
    CHG – txt of uploading message

    Changes 1.2.5 released 2007-02-16
    BUG – When saving preferences now it saves the parameters correctly, so no more feedback window + tips window repetition.
    CHG – Now the list of Subtitle Languages is loaded from the server, that way it remains centralized and updated every day.
    FEATURE: Added splash screen to avoid show the non-good-looking ENQUEING FILES when somebody call the program from the contextual menu
    CHG – Improved the Progress windows with the new module thks Andrea Gavana
    CHG – Improved the choice components with the new module thks Andrea Gavana
    CHG – Improved interface using the LabelBook class of Andrea Gavana
    FEATURE: The feedback now shows in WINDOWS a widget directly to chat with me
    FEATURE: Added sponsor banner
    CHG – Updated the library of IMDBpy to version 2.9 supporting unicode
    CHG – Used the CustomTreeCtrl of Andrea Gavana to allow using checkboxes to download the subtitles founded.

    SubDownloader 1.2.4 – 2007-02-01
    CHG – Message of the Upload Confirmation, now the user know he helped updating the hash.
    BUG – Fixed dumb while Search IMDB and the name has spaces, this spaces where converted to %20 and app didn’t find anything
    BUG – The Drag and Drop files in UploadWindow now work.
    FEATURE: Context Menu (Search and Upload Subtitle) now available when u make right click into Windows folders or files. Very useful to search or upload easily.
    BUG – Big file size movies (More than 2GB) fixed bug.
    BUG – Default ENG language when LOCALE is not defined on system.
    FEATURE: Tip of the day
    CHG: The download transfer is done using XMLRPC method and not HTTP normal download.
    FEATURE: Autodetection of the Uploaded Subtitle’s language for SRT, TXT or SUB formats.
    FEATURE: Added Language Flags
    BUG: Py2exe doesn’t compress the .exe (compress: 0) anymore, i hope that solves some XP/2000 bugs reported.
    FEATURE: Feedback window every 5 times when you close the app
    BUG: Reporting Bad Hashes of subtitles now is available.
    FEATURE: Added LOG Messages Window for debugging
    CHANGE: All the connections have been ported using XMLRPC, Update, Download, etc

    SubDownloader 1.2.3 – 2006-11-29
    -ChoiceBox of IMDB text, now it remembers the last IMDB titles searched in upload.
    -Fixed bugs when cancel button was pressed.
    -Added popups menus(View Subtitle Details, Play AVI,Search other subtitles for this AVI)
    -Fixed bug for special languages(Greek, Farsi, etc)
    -Thanks to Davide Alberani for his help with IMDBPY module.
    -Rename subtitles downloaded with “MovieTitle”.srt or .sub ,etc , if more than 1 language, then “movietitle” or ,etc
    -Donate Advertising is only showed after 10 times

    SubDownloader 1.2.2 – 2006-11-07
    -Now Hashing files is done inside the thread, so we can cancel in the middle of hashing.
    -Correcting bugs with special characters in the filenames

    SubDownloader 1.2.1 – 2006-11-06
    -Fixed several bugs (Wx.Yield move to wx.YieldIfNeeded())
    -Improved the bug reporting system.
    -Controlled some problem with the IMDB searching title

    SubDownloader 1.2.0 – 2006-10-25
    – initial public version released

  34. I just paid for VIP and downloaded subs on Saturday. I do not know what the limit is, but now everytime I try to download I get a message GOOD TRY, PAL!!! What is this??? It has been 2 days since I downloaded and I still get this message. II cannot find out what the daily limit is for a VIP. Help!

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