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Time to time I’m thinking what to add to statistics page. Last time, chatting with Majky, he asked, if he should see some stats about using his Oscar – I said no problem. So I created some more stats:

  • Source of movie hashes
  • Source of movie hashes for last 30 days
  • Top movie hash submitters
  • Top movie hash submitters for last 30 days

What to say more ? Ask for more stats and of course enjoy 🙂

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  1. Something I’ve mentioned somewhere else that may be appliccable:

    Have you considered marking not only the ratings for each subtitle but also the number of people that have voted for it?

    Right now we have # of downloads and rating, but it’s not the same to see a 9.8 from 100 votes than 10 from a single vote. I have started to ignore every rating that is a round number (8, 9, 10, etc.) because that usually means the number of voters is very small (or just one).

  2. eduo, I recovered your comment, because it goes to spam, I think it is for your domain 🙁 Many spammers use .info domains and put it in comments, so Akismet plugin decides your comment is spam, what is really bad. Next time, if you can, don’t put your home page, or put something else as website, so we can check it out.

    For your request, I added number of voters into () at subtitle detail page. Is this what you wanted, right ?

  3. Strange. I think Akismet is really looking at my IP, which is a dynamic Telefonica IP and may have been blacklisted in the past. I sometimes Wish Akismet had a notice on why it’s marking specific comments as spam.

  4. Great, I love these new stats, especially the hash submitters… I think they form an important part of OS, since they enable us to quickly find subtitles related to our movie files!
    Thanks os (and all the crew, if any), you really got it going on well!

  5. dbaalborg: thanks 🙂
    eduo: last comment (this one) you sent was OK, if the ip was same, info domain is for sure problem. You can send reply here with your info domain and we will see – and ofcourse I agree with you.

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