XMLRPC API has 2 new methods

After some discussion with Majky (author of Oscar), we agreed on adding 2 new methods to XMLRPC API. One Method is SearchMoviesOnIMDB($token, $query), which returns array of movies from imdb.com. Next method is GetIMDBMovieDetails($token, $imdbid), which returns some nice information for given imdbid.

With these methods it should be even easier to develop and maintain applications working with opensubtitles.org

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  1. We want TV Episode IMDB-IDs! 🙂

    Or, conversely, a link could exist to thetvdb (or epguides, although the latter is pretty ugly).

    I currently have a tool that renames the episodes according to some regex patterns. If I could link to IMDB/TVCOM/THETVDB IDs it would be fantastic.

  2. I will code TV SERIES support soon for IMDB.com 🙂 Also there will be huge improvement for supporting TV SERIES on site, so stay tuned 🙂
    It is caused I started watch IT CROWD – I dont watch TV Series a lot, so…:)

  3. Still waiting for TV Series support (please take a look at IMDB, TV.COM, tvdb.zsori.com and epguides for ideas) but while trying for this new method I’m having problems accessing to XMLRPC.

    Is there an issue with the server? Has anything changed? SubDownloader can’t connect either.

  4. We are working on TV Series support, it is not really easy, but for now, it seems DB is prepared for change (added some columns), we also have to split Tv Series subtitles (so every episode will have only one subtitle!). Anyway, I think when it will be finished, it will be really good.

    Server should work, time to time are recalculated statistics on stats page, this should be more optimized too.

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