Merry XMAS with year stats is now hosted on 4 servers (1 db server, 3 webservers). We changed also handling of sessions to separate memcached daemon.

Free VIP membership for first 20 users

We thought it should be nice to have some extra value for users, who make content. So if you uploaded more than 100 subtitles you get site without any advertisement and so on.

Support for movies not in IMDB

Now you can add your own movie/video to database and then upload subtitles to it – please don’t add movies which are already in IMDB. is back!

It seems google adsense doesn’t like pages like these, so they completely disabled ads for and too. So only right and real domain is

XMLRPC: DetectLanguage(), view vote

We know XMLRPC API is very important for developers, so we added DetectLanguage()Â method. As name suggest – it detect language of given text – which should be gzipped – good when we want to automate uploading subtitles.

Upload subtitles using Java applet

Upload subtitles using Java applet is really useful, because it works better, than “normal” web upload. It works like Subdownloader or well known Oscar – it sends movie hash and movie filesize information, so other people can download those subtitles without using website.

Introducing Firefox Subtitle Matcher addon

Today I’d like to introduce you really nice addon to our lovely Firefox browser. As it is written in heading – it is Subtitle Matcher addon. You can download it from Mozilla (you have to be logged in) or from authors page.

Upgrade: PHP5 and other stuff

Today we’ve upgraded PHP4 to PHP5. It is caused by bad communication with web server 2 and db server, so we redirect traffic from web2 to other servers.

Packet lost solved

240 packets transmitted, 240 packets received, 0.0% packet loss Yes, it seems so, we solved this problem, big thanks to DanGer. No more 500 errors.

500 Internal Server Error

Solution is pretty simple, every 2 minutes is running script, which check if 500, and if yes, it restarts server.

Movie FPS, sub format, upgrade

On internet exists some funky Polish subtitle formats like TMPlayer (tmp) and MPL2 (mpl), so I’ve added them – now our Polish friends should be possible upload subs in these formats too.

Page should load faster

After some talk with lighttpd guru at irc, we together optimized its configuration. I also removed some ugly SQL querries, some of them are cached in memcache, thumbnails should be loaded faster, sphinx is doing its job…

Improvements for hearing impaired

Now, when searching, you can select, if you want subtitles for Hearing Impaired in advanced settings. Search results and subtitle details are marked with small icon.

New fulltext search

I decided to bring online new fulltext search engine – sphinx. After some days of work, debugging and so on, we can say – it works. I hope now website will be a little faster.