How to watch movies with subtitles?

Everything you have to do is rename subtitle file according movie file. So if you have “movie.avi” your subtitles must be located in same directory and renamed to “”. Now open movie in your favourite video player and enjoy!

Users favourite subtitles available

Time to time I check trac for new tickets, and I found interesting one (actually, it was send by user and I put it in trac), where was suggestion about creating favourite subtitles for user. This means, you can mark any subtitles and add it to you favourites.

PHP/Perl hashing source codes available

Advanced PHP/Perl programmers could write some nice scripts, which can download right subtitles from OpenSubtitles without doing anything – just running that script.

Improved subtitles reporting system

We needed better subtitles reporting system, so user should change info like release name, uploader comment or even uploader. I coded it and this is all now possible with new reporting system, so you can try that. testing

Don’t be scared, when you will see in URL – we are testing something, don’t update bookmarks, is still correct URL.

Servers upgrade summary

Some of you might have already noticed that didn’t work for past couple of days correctly. This was due to the move to a new hardware and new operating system version of our servers at collocation.

New servers are ONLINE

We are proud to inform you that we have upgraded all 4 servers to a new hardware, which means site should work better and faster. If you encounter any problems, just let us know.

Thank you for donations!

I did not update donations list at main page – I will update it soon, but not of them will be visible, so here it is complete list of donors. Thank you for any donate, we appreciate that!

New statistics available

User Pko on forum asked me, if it is possible to create new statistics – how much subtitles downloads has user for last 6 months and for last 30 days. So now we can see, which users are really helpful to community.

Changed design on Forum

We switched to new design at forum – we hope you like it. Our aim is to have basically same design on main site, forum and on blog.

Next web server

We ordered and setuped next web server for One webserver was not so powerfull as first one, so when you get data from this one, site was slow.

Request area

I wanted to code request area from scratch. You should ask why – I will tell you – it is simple. Request area have some really weird SQL code (some sub-querries) and it locks database, so whole sites works slower (or even did not work). So I have to disable request area of time being.